Beyond Nightfall

I have known the dark, thoroughly, like an old lover from my youth, when torrid encounters left us breathless and abandoned in places seldom glimpsed by the lights of the curious.   We wore deep mystery, long, unfettered shadows, like haute couture, riven from a winding sheet. Leaving bereft the old ghosts; no more rattling […]

If Looks Could Kill

I’m feeling dangerous today; like I should be locked in a cage. I’m a storm about to rage, a bullet, or a blade; I don’t think anyone is safe.   I’m feeling beautiful today. I think that I’ll lead the parade. Not a hair is out of place, I don’t feel overweight and I’m dressed […]

My Eve

Well dressed and fashionably late, a smile that lit the room and eyes that captured and held the gazes of every dimly lit soul present. You were always the attraction. You, with your perfect skeletal structure, flawless skin and subtle muscular symmetry… … and nice teeth, big and straight. Your predatory smile left more than […]

Magnum Opus

Come and hear the song, if you want you can sing along. This is your anthem now, your funeral dirge. You know all the words every syllable and verse.   You’ve been tunelessly humming it in your head for your whole life. How loud does it get the closer you come to the end of […]


We’re gonna tell you what it is. We’re gonna tell you who you are. We’re gonna tell you where you’re from. We’re gonna know just what you’ve done. We’ll tell you we’re all made of stars. We’ll tell you we aren’t here at all. We’re gonna tell you we’re impressed, just lift up your dress […]

Cold Morning Floor

Straight, black hair hangs over eyes, crystal blue. Impossibly long lashes, flick away acrid smoke of a slim cigarette. The smoke is a shroud, become aural and radiant in the light that filters in … Source: Cold Morning Floor