So now the time has run you down, like a drunk driver, suicide bomber; weak and waiting, suffer longer. Drawn out poison, placed and bought, this rebel angel; outlaw – uncaught.   Here lies your sense of right and wrong. Plague cured – pilfered for a song. Drag demons out for my benefit. Malevolent, but […]

Miss-Information (so fucking stupid)

Little Miss, have you met disinformation? My little lie, as I tell you; “You mean so much to me.” This middle man is paid to bend the truth, such as you see.   Patronize – soft eyes and smiles. Tender words to pierce your fragile heart. Once you catch on, I’ll confess and apologize, say […]

Bitter Water Healin’

The past – never lasts. The cure – is so unsure. I’ve broken every cast, spiked the mix and still it’s pure.   Unadulterated – Chronic masturbated I know, I probably should have waited, can’t remain this aggravated – and surviving on nothing’s just part of disbelief. Holding close to closing, press the button for […]


Don’t give a shit anymore. No war – or four, or five, or six million dead – don’t get ahead.   Draws me out of my slumber, makes me wonder; the mood – the mind state, of victims and aggressors, with such arrogance they wield hate. The possessors – of the power to take us […]

High Flyers and Deep Divers

The weight of the dagger drags your hand down, so close to the throat; all you have to do is let go. The answer is not in the asking, it’s in the silence that follows. I have not oppressed myself enough today. I am far too free with words I cast away. Have a care […]

You Are Weak

You are weak. Always given over, yet you never change at all. Just stay a punk, keep sucking up to some other motherfuck, who won’t be there to catch you when you fall.   You’re so afraid, fear’s driven you crazy. Salvation ain’t that easy, at least not when you’re me. Survival is not the […]

Easing the Descent

She’s sitting on the window sill, sliding down the wall, drunk – or merely giving in to a sick compulsion’s call and a withered man says pray and save, but he don’t understand at all; easing the descent ain’t quite that easy – believe me-   Hands let her down slowly, words aren’t all that […]

Dream With me

This state of mind remains falling from grace each day, but in the night it shines; dreams the world away. And for a little while I smile, ’cause the world it can’t touch me, I close my eyes real tight and my mind it is released.   Awake life – lives and dies, grating – […]

Meth Head

Too young to be numb, just right for the dumb. Cooked in a kitchen and sold to your suburb. A little bit of our reality, sold by the point to your child. Missing light bulbs stare you in the face, never notice that we freebase. Suck back plastic shards into the lungs, sheds from within; […]

Obscure Permanent Vacation

Drawn into the life at a young age with no boundary of a family to keep one’s feet on the ground. Harnessing energy at this stage, to erase my enemy and take back my mind from the clouds.   There is no soul here, hopeless, without fear. I can see the way clear of these […]


This kind of life differs from any other, lifts me higher – drags me under, breaks me down, but I still wonder; what the point is – why we’re here. One moment it’s so obvious, with love and light in all of us. So simple – then so complicated, out lovers, now the hated.   […]

Never Together

Crossing over, no way home. Hope has died, left me alone. I’ve tried to identify with her and I cry as she tells me of another.   Rejected with a laugh, feel like a fool. Wish I could keep her away, instead I break the only rule I haven’t crossed. Fucked up and lost.   […]

Mono (of one)

Self-inflicted – the worst kind of betrayal. With no love for the life, I’m living to fail. Oh yeah, I tried to tell you, in every way I know how, but you were never really listening; I guess I can see that now.   I can see I’ve been lying to myself, can’t expect you […]


Forces conspire – death and desire, to set you up – take you down, let you hang on barbed wire. People and politics, heathens and heretics, persuade and invade you and ply you with tricks. Want you to submit to their useless shit, convinced that it’s gold, but it’s you who’s sold.   No reason […]


Asleep on a bed of broken glass; no ease, no dreams, no rest, no ass – alone- Cursed to sleep in my solitary prison. Better here dead, than there and living, at least there is the virtue of somnambulism, to sleep, yet body moving; mind left un-arisen. Essence left and no more presence, dry out […]

Ocean of Reflection

Derivative, a little piece of everything is what we are. Somehow we live with our eyes turned inside so far.   We don’t see past you or me, can’t reconcile this separation, together we might become something more; all cowering in what has gone before. Fear of pain and abandonment, we cling to the words, […]

Dead and Gone

Not confined by fine lines, or small minds. A precious few can share into this solitude. Keep the company of demons, ghosts and angels. From dreams to death, I tempt inherent danger. Up and down – I still stick around. Dead or driven – fool or clown.   Emaciated in this living coffin, life lived […]


Interpret the perfect picture a little different every time, ’cause all things seem to change and the perfect never stays that way forever.   Even as times wind down, so the life ties die; sky crashes to the ground. So in dirt life grows, energy changes forms and has been doing so for longer than […]


Hokus   Corrosion of the will, stupefied with drugs and danger. A trick played on your sanity, baited to the point of murder. So much for lust, the love untouched. We live undead, no hope or trust. A broken back, the seething black, we suffer no other; devouring the living mass.   Hated yet we […]