The Known Road

I have never feared the unknown. Instead, it is the possible, the likely and the certain that give me pause. Rarely do I avoid the path less travelled, but instead I eschew the known road. That crowded and banal concourse, due to some strange, inexplicable aversion. I’m not much of a leader, but I have […]

My Secret Friends

I’m not too scared to admit I’ve been afraid, of everything and nothing just the same. I just found out my conscience is to blame and I wouldn’t have it any other way.   A secret is a friend we take away, to the day to day and to the grave. What good is just […]

Forever Us

What do I have to say except, “I love you”? All the other words are failing me. You’ve been the reason that I’ve fought these battles. Struggled on despite my frailty.   As we grow, I hope our hearts follow. Feed them all the love we’ve ever known. But this world is hard, even when […]

A Gift of Flowers

I killed something beautiful and gave it to you as a gift… … OK, I only bought you flowers. I didn’t really kill anything; but if the flowers don’t improve your mood, then maybe killing something would. No, that’s illegal. We’ll have to stick with flowers.   Funny, how we attempt to bring the beauty […]

Grey Matter Cell

Today I will let my mind sit in its grey matter cell and pine for better days that never were. Today I will alleviate the strain of expectation from my shoulders and just exist. I will let the storm outside be the mirror to my mind and in my head I’ll be safe and warm, […]

Arrival at an Unexpected Conclusion

I have blessings in my life I will never be worthy of, but I will fight every day to return the love I am now part of. Shedding old skin by grinding away yesterday.   My present resembles nothing that I ever dreamed; far more than I ever asked for. I can scarce believe.   […]


Singing a song and I will let it linger. For so long, I have hated whole the hunger. Led an open mind to a closed door – forcing the breach. Draining my mind more – experience the leech.   Bonded and bitter, forsaking and taking. Done more that I thought I could to be mistaken. […]

The Joy of Separation

Peaceful slumber comes, like death, or a sedated nod; when done severing, one sees everything.   Dropped out to be a part, alone and at home in the dark, cursed to finish what you start.   So this newfound heart, becomes the fire that burns, the mind that yearns to cut that nerve…                                                 […]

A Memory of Something Stolen

I think that I remember, time before; something more like an old lover in the sky. Leaning over to the point of falling and I know there’s nothing wrong with letting her take me down.   Where I come from there is very little precious left. Going to grey, stole away, such a gorgeous theft. […]


Came a time when I couldn’t lie no more, as this shell became my hell, but still I cried for more. Fearing love and loathing I knew life had in store and in myself the shadow lies hallowed and hollow; not all – but enough to exist. Like the love – like the blood and […]

Redundant Life

Dropped out – Ground down So proud – Now loud unbound. I’ve come – Gone long – Singles suffer. Now one from none and no other.   Building bridges just to burn, afraid you’ll have to wait your turn, because it takes time to fuck it up right.   Holy and heathen – feeding the […]

Been Through Hell

Bracing myself for the impact, amazed at the walls as they go rushing past, elated – euphoric – when I don’t crash; like I’ve done so many times before.   I won’t be restrained – remain in place, a grin spreads across my face. Through Hell I come home, a battle won – the war […]


Bewilder me with the eyes turned inside, never wondering why I’m alive. Confusion only multiplies with every answer, as I court disaster. Greater grows the distance every time.   I’m searching my soul for the moment, drawing an imperfect circle around me. Been up high on the wings of bad angels, fortune finds a way […]

Split Lips

I’m screaming through split lips, blood running down my face.   Thank you anyway – I’ve done it all to myself. Can’t blame this pain on anyone else. So far removed this view is blinding, shows just how far inside I’ve been hiding.   This bliss is so insidious, a fine line crossed – not […]

Brake Slippage

It only takes a second to torture yourself forever; breaking up – breaking down, or just say “Fuck it” altogether. Just an instant – don’t you miss it, your whole life passes you by; a short flicker in the moment, in the blink of an eye.   How could you let it get away? The […]

Little Mother

Hello, can you help me to grow? Out of the grave, out of sorrow? Little Mother – Light shines always, interred inside you – like a life raise me from the earth – your heart of rebirth.   Draw me from my shroud and shadow, give me the love I’m too sick to show. Little […]

That’s Gratitude For Ya!

I am rising, above the garbage, above the flesh; uncompromising. Got to write it out, sing it out, scream it out. Let it get the best of me? No – I don’t think so.   For crying out loud, it’s you who set it up this way, made every facet of the game and bitch […]