In All Of It

I have 2 eyes that see all ways, always and never languish. I have one tongue that is never done turning my insides in any language.   I have loved all and been loved in return. In any moment, I am death come in the morning to everyone some time or other.   I have […]


This is forgiveness, such is this bliss. Exposed to the sands and the deeds of my hands. Walked up and down the line with a mind to dig it under, ’til it came upon my mind and I was set afire with wonder.   If it is to be, then let it be in me, […]

The Messiah

I was lost in darkness and you sent a light to find me, for I had lost all, gained nothing and fallen, corrupting my soul; until you showed me something I know was the truth of love and all those other things that seemed so far away, that could only dream of.   Seeking the […]

Giving It

Gave in one final time. Turning my back on all I’ve ever been, choosing you, choosing life. Walking away from sickness and pain and I don’t feel the same.   Take away my mind. Take away me. Break the chains of my sorrow, setting me free.   From time to time I have waded deeper […]