What more do I have to offer you? What more could I give? What more do you want? What other piece of myself have I not shared? What words, what thoughts, what acts have I not devoted to you? What blood, what sweat, what seed have I not given to you? What flesh would satiate […]

The Ruins

We pushed South, running like mad. Slave labor pools running the land; like insect colonies, burrowing in the Earth.   Red rain fell from a blue sky, in a land rich with gold, cocaine and mistrust. It was a white man’s problem that was visited on the rest of the world; like the misplaced anger […]

Time of The Shaman

He prays towards Sirius at dusk. Draped in strips of colored cloth, Spartan in fashion, hanging with bright feathers and bones of reptiles.   He is calling on the universe, on that which lies above and below. Sometimes long dead elder gods, or ancestral spirits; he coaxes them down from the astral plane.   A […]

Post Apocalypse

We walk hand in hand down long, listless corridors, stopping to stare out of windows, sealed shut, air tight, against the deadly atmosphere. Clinical white walls save us from burning up. Injections bolster our immune systems against radiation and certain types of mutations, now common.   Endless corridors, clean and ordered. Purified air pumped in […]

When They Speak

Listen to what they tell you, for they are wise in the ways of mist and cedar, learned of folding mantle crust fractures jutting skyward. Monuments to a hundred million years of labour pains.   Stop. Just stop talking. Stop cutting. Stop grinding. Stop burning and hear with a child’s mind new first lessons, for […]

A Naked Earth

The warm west wind hastens in Spring, strips the snow off the land like an impatient lover. The Sun, it’s power unfelt during Winter’s long embrace, now beholds the hills and valleys of a naked Earth. Its ardor intense and welcomed. In between cool rain showers that wash away the layers of cold weariness and […]

Little Mother

Hello, can you help me to grow? Out of the grave, out of sorrow? Little Mother – Light shines always, interred inside you – like a life raise me from the earth – your heart of rebirth.   Draw me from my shroud and shadow, give me the love I’m too sick to show. Little […]


Itinerant walls converge in corners, confining the eye to civilized angles. It’s nothing to be obtuse about, that is the way we progress. Even our curves are sculpted by scalpels; ripped, shaped and reformed, into something other than human. Other than us. Just not good enough. God’s perfect creation, was merely a good place to […]