When I close my eyes there’s something there in the not-so-dark with me. There’s something in my mind besides me. I believe that there is a place that I have seen in dreams; extra-dimensional, but it is still me. At least, that’s how it seems.   Tell me reality is only what I see. […]

A Swimmer’s Chance

It just occurred to me, this doesn’t have to be what we thought; it could be anything. Imagine it, unfettered in existence.   We always want to bind our ideas in  concrete shackles and throw them into the waves, wondering why they’re always sinking. Give them at least a swimmer’s chance to ride it out. […]

Imaginary Friends

I think I only imagined you. You were never really there, just an optical illusion. A way to keep me in my skin, a thought beyond compare, an irreparable world view.   Unique is the nicest word they had to describe me. In my own little way, I offered a real life to you. What […]

The Falling Dream

Oh no, here comes that feeling; it’s like I’m falling or remembering something like long forgotten sadness, or gravity.   My descent slows by pulses, rushing of blood to my senses panic setting in, and then it’s gone, and then it’s back again.   I’m riding the swells of memory, or emotions, or someone’s just […]

Night Terrors

The footsteps that wake you in the night, when you look, there is nothing there. When you finally reason away your fright and fall asleep, I will be standing there.   As you sleep, I’ll whisper in your ear, making sure that every word is clear. I make the dreams, the very ones you fear. […]

Attempted Dream Escapes

Hey, hey, why are you scratching and clawing at the wall? There’s no use in trying to escape. I wonder why you even care at all? Beyond this room there’s only nervous shapes, that reach out of the shadows try to drag you to their sorrows; save your fears for the inevitable day they come […]

Nighttime Goddess

You were a dream I lost to waking. You were a vision made of smoke. You were a moment of rejoicing, my breath was caught up in my throat.   I knew that I had searched forever to find a clue that lead to you. You were a rumor on the west wind, you were […]

Sex Dreams

Between every connection, before every careful touch, there are moments of reflection, attraction and disgust. Plugging in can be so painful, disconnection tears the skin; lingering like lucid sex dreams and the shame of fitting in.   Clutch your brittle intentions tight to your chest, ’cause you know they won’t survive inspection. Up close they […]

A Wake and A Dream

Just behind your eyes, in a blink sometimes, just between the scenes lies this life of mine. You can look you can seek, but I’m just out of reach. To get to me you have to have been between a wake and a dream.   If you hold out your hand, you might feel my […]

Dream With me

This state of mind remains falling from grace each day, but in the night it shines; dreams the world away. And for a little while I smile, ’cause the world it can’t touch me, I close my eyes real tight and my mind it is released.   Awake life – lives and dies, grating – […]

The Dreamers of All

Hope lies- another word for wishful thinking. Fabricate and make a light to lead – you astray. Inside – where all you know is beneath, a prophecy of dreams – you lose every day.   Peg your success on a straw back; breaks every time – no truth – just lack. Holds no water – […]

As Easy As It Seems

Conscious of how this might sound, won’t be the first time you’ve taken it wrong. I’m selling weight by the pound, for so long heavy heart drags me down. I waited for you, but you wasted my time. Convinced myself that it’s alright, misread all the signs.   You know me                 I’m just singing […]


Long nights and daydreams, a mind stretching past all sensation. Pass off this consequence as just one more aggravation now annoying this young man. Out the heathen’s healing hands.   God is not here – not there, no face, no hope, no fear, must find it otherwhere.   Hidden holiness is rising to ridiculous, so […]

Dreaming Insomniac

My breathing diminishes slowing my heart, only as much as to simulate sleep. This is the rest I receive. A sort of pseudo sleep, a feigned unconsciousness. As the body lies in stasis, like purgatory.   Awaiting sleep, or rousing movement, the mind is wandering subconscious pathways. Through childhood games and avenues of angst and […]

A Song About a Boy

I look up from fluffy pillows stuffed with feathers; then lay my head down on stones, with scorpions, in the fetid heat of twilight. Sleep crawling over me, whispered like a childhood song. A jewelry box ballerina, the cutting smack of an AK-47, screams and cries in the night. At dawn, we were fed breakfast. […]

Caught in Dreams

Comes to me in dreams leaves me by the time. I wonder waiting so, if it’s real or if it’s only thinking. Moving motion on as night burns into dawn, still I’m asking why I see it in my mind. Never found an answer for the questions that I’m asking just keep asking more and […]