Waking From a Dream

  Waking from a dream. Sit straight up, consumed by darkness. Even in the night, the mind fights to fit the pieces. Why is it so strange to be here in this body? Moments ago, alive. All the sensation without the physical. Are we right here? Or is this another sensory simulation we will wake … Continue reading Waking From a Dream

Someone Else’s Memories

Images flash in my head. A passing scene, no explanation. An empty room, a restaurant, a broken car, burning California.   The might-have-beens, the never-was. Expectations tepid and contaminated. Eyes shut now were open then. The memory always Midas standards.   A mountain top, a valley floor made crystalline in winter. Never made an eye, … Continue reading Someone Else’s Memories


I'm so tired of dreaming. A second life just as demanding as the first. I just want to lay my head down without having to participate.   So sick of this; whatever it is. Parallel universe, or just synapses firing wildly in the night. Sewing crazy tapestries. I never was the type who wanted any … Continue reading Somnambulist

Day Space

We never learned how to follow the stars. We were born in the day, afraid of the dark. Taught one way, denied the other. One point of view blind to another.   Never thought to question this infatuation with hiding in plain sight. This constant agrivation, there are no more forevers when the horizon line … Continue reading Day Space

Panic Upon Waking

Loud, crazy scramble. Black symbols on a deep, green background. Pan over, wide focus; it's a dress pattern. Morbid fascinations, like birds and skeletons and trying to build reality using dream geometry. Long lines that never intersect, senselessly impossible angles, flying buttresses 'that won't come down; they just fly away. Winged predator features. Raptor beaks, … Continue reading Panic Upon Waking

The Law of Dreaming

You seldom come this low, down below. Where visions show and travelers embrace the smoke. These halls of all that is, has been and ever will be; you lose yourself in me, however temporarily.   I hold a mirror to you, when it breaks it shows a shower of unfamiliar faces, each with a fleeting … Continue reading The Law of Dreaming