The Sky + The Blue

I asked for this. Every sensation. The drifting heart with no anchor.   I lit upon your tiny island for a moment's peace and I made ready. You didn't ask and I'm a curious creature. So when the day came, there we were; gone again, into the great In-Between. Here and there, we imagined.   … Continue reading The Sky + The Blue

Blood Stained Dress

  That look you gave me said that you were afraid and didn’t believe the reconciling lies that came from the other side; such an upsetting time.   Events turn to crying and denials. Pretty words for pretty girls and overstated reasons lead to misunderstandings.   Every modern convenience has given you a jaded apathy. … Continue reading Blood Stained Dress


Never regretted it; not even for a moment. The long view essential, for a tomorrow's making. Casting a glance about me, all I can see is breaking; even this path before me goes to pieces slowly.   Still that will not stop me. I have nothing, if not stubborn tendencies. Break my jaw and wire … Continue reading Marathon