Theory of Negativity

Consumption to the point of compulsion, rejection a foregone conclusion. This state of paradox, tried to put it in a box and failed miserably. This lack of fulfillment, the dark sun that nourishes me. Desiccated faith no longer, persuaded to death in anger, when tried for a life of blasphemy.   Direct – The Theory […]


Forget we ever met. Draw the curtain down on this short time, banish it from your mind. Take the surer bet. I’m sure in hindsight’s eyes you’ll draw a blank an smile. No need for this immature man, as childish as anyone can – be. No memory of this will set you free. Hold on […]

The Nothing

Seeming to drag on,  but it don’t stop. No influence one way or another. Anxiety and ambition smothered, all the way from the top. In these uncertain moments, these dark and deadly days, any movement could be disaster; this is when doing nothing pays. No need to worry, or even feel sorry. The Nothing’s so […]

Dead is The Memory of My Lover

Cold and unfeeling – dead eyes showing not, touch like corpse skin – love becomes rot. Given out all my life, trust and good faith; golden rule – must be nice, seen the lies behind your face.   Will you want for more? How do you hang on? Drawing out a crippling pain and share […]

Mausoleum Sanctuary

I’ve created a cemetery in the midst of this garden that is my life. A place of death where thoughts and dreams come to their final rest. Sometimes I watch the sun rise over the headstones; oh, and there are many. Each a place where I have buried deep under the crosses failures and losses. […]


There are no arms around me, no kind words for the leper, just waste and tragedy and loneliness forever. HG – 2000-2005


Drawn into the world as the ultra-outgoing, living, laughing, loving – party ’til the next morning, but as the years begin to grind, you lose your happy state of mind; it sucks, but you know it happens to us all in time. The heavy hand of a weighted world drags you down with it. Leaves […]

Dead To Dreaming

They come, forlorn spirits. I cast off my fear. Singing lamentation, green absinthe, cloudy and unclear. Try to drown, force to see, the hidden need. Hold me down, family, the knowledge tree. Winter lacking snow, not so far to go. I’m far from fear, all love is near. Awaken dead eyes, ocean takes my cries. […]

The Malcontent – Collection

The first piece of “The Malcontent” collection is up! Check out “A.M. Downside”, the first of many pieces that will explore the darkness, depression and tumultuous emotions that come with struggling through  addictions, insanity and relationships with other people. (Note, the insanity is not clinical, just safely assumed)

A.M. Downside

A.M. Downside   Morning for the downside starts in the afternoon and I’m still sitting here; eyes at half mast. Those who pursue this way of life know what it is I say, ever driving, dead inspired, in the past. Wired into existence a quiet fool’s dignity. Life lived on a razor blade, on the […]

I’m Empty

So sick of forgiving myself for me. I know that it’s somewhere the peace that I seek. Holy of holies, maker of things, sister take cover and see what time brings.   Oh, I am empty slit my throat, I will not bleed. My favorite enemy I can see in me.   So sick of […]

Shadow Town

It’s like the sun doesn’t come around here… anymore. All the people just fail to notice, so busy, yet so bored. But I can see plain as absence that what’s missing is your reason for it all. I’ve been waiting and wasting so much time away, that I don’t know if I’d notice any brightening […]

Seasonal Depression and Annoyingly Nice Days

Sometimes I hide from the sunshine. Sure, I feel guilty, like I am squandering away some precious gift. This only serves to further fuel my desire for darkness. Sunny days don’t always match my mood, but I love inclement weather. Rain is acquiescent. You can feel however you want during a thunderstorm, guilt free. Even […]

Sad Smile

Each dawn brings new light, new life. Insight sighs and resolutions fine. How it cleans her naked form, bed of sheets no longer warm, just food for the worms in time. Sun creeps into her eyes, she can see herself in dawn’s light; remembers dreaming of something more, not an hour before. She greets the […]