Ignorance Day

  Fury of the unacknowledged screams across morning’s final umbrage. Dissident dawns. Long derided requiems seeking appointment. Ignorance akin to slander. What must it take to wrench eyes skyward? To taste of the burning fascination that is the incumbent star. Rage as the day is mocked. Heads turned face down into a false light. Solaris … Continue reading Ignorance Day

Black Pill

  Eyes open, split like my mind’s broken. Spilling out all that I am, like a ripe melon in the hot summer sun. Body doesn’t listen. Just complains, like a vain teenager, but with twice the problems, and half the virility on a good day. Lungs strain to breathe, the air that sits so thick … Continue reading Black Pill

The Old Flag

  Torn and rent, the old flag still flies atop the buildings, behind gates of wrought iron. No simple symbol, once woven by hand, but now spun of strong polyesters, so that its colors do not dim, and it might not rot. Though it bares the marks where it’s been burned, dirty, where it’s been … Continue reading The Old Flag

Big Exhale

   Big exhale. Drop the shoulders and take that weight off for a little while. Noise in your head gives way to the sound of the kettle boiling and the birds in the tree outside. When was the last time you truly disconnected? From you? From them? From this? From everything? Been too long, just … Continue reading Big Exhale

Sports and Weather

  Stop the psyops. Call the cops. No. We’ll deal with it in our own house, our own streets, where good and evil meet. Try that in a small town, try eating the concrete. No sleep. Urban or rural, the divide’s alive. No more “boy”, or “girl”, just a strange malaise blazed like a new … Continue reading Sports and Weather

Wreckage and Flames

  It’s late and I’m overdrawn. Too drunk to think about withdrawals. Too early for me to call, but I look you up and stare at your picture. Makes me want to throw my phone away, but I can’t afford anymore mistakes. The straight and narrow arrows of misfortune have always been of my own … Continue reading Wreckage and Flames

Questions for the World

  What words, What song, or melody might prove this life in pen? What long road, or far off distant horizon? What touch? What skin? What breath, might open up my eyes a little wider? What color? What shape? What flavor might incite the revelation coming? The search always remains. Some say there is a … Continue reading Questions for the World


  Don’t overcomplicate it. It is what you make it. So many mistake it for what they want, and break it. Imagine standing naked in the dark and cold, dead hands grasping at you from the unknown. Imagine being trapped in famine and destruction. All the pain and disarray of total aggression. Remember when you … Continue reading Overcomplicated


  “The Truth is not alive out there.” The words strike hard. Piledriver revelations. I’m pulling on my boots, reaching for my coat, ready to grab my hat, and head out there to find it. Truth. “Don’t waste your time.” Your face bears a look between pain and derision. “There’s nothing left. It’s all been … Continue reading Separation

Harvest Dawn

  Is there any hope at all in the pale dawn? Threshing out what we’ve been growing all summer. Winnowing the harvest, wheat from chaff, Paradise from Purgatory. Leaning on the old scythe, muttering bits of scripture, even the reaper knows the signs read true. Old eyes see a new day. More work for idle … Continue reading Harvest Dawn

THe Garden of The Snake

. Trip into the garden of the snake. One more mistake that I have made. Words slide into each other. Brother, there’s no time to be afraid. Daylight beckons at my window. Night waits patient at my door. I tell you, friend, I’ve been waiting on the end, but I’m not waiting anymore. I can … Continue reading THe Garden of The Snake

Holding on for Autumn

  I can feel a coldness creeping in to your heart, like early mornings in late summer. I can see your eyes drifting in, like an abandoned ship sitting on calm waters. What is this? Is it time to let the forests of yesterday burn? Turns out the only way for new growth to take … Continue reading Holding on for Autumn

First Place (In a Loser’s Race)

  Some change, some day will take all the pain away. Until then have to stay, like a hunter on the chase. Some days, some ways feel more like prey. Something in pursuit and there is no end to it. Keeping just ahead of time is a losing race. Capturing the moment in mind is … Continue reading First Place (In a Loser’s Race)