Love – Dead – High

So much for us, this has been a wondrous torture. Too much for us maybe it always was, but we never quit, never stopped delving deeper, unfettered, into the endless story.   Counted on me to be the one who makes us sorry. Apologise again, but it’s too late now. We just keep on going […]

The Dead Part

The city never sleeps, but it nods; drifting in a waking dream state. Colored by blinking traffic lights, neon hues lend a sickly pallor to the dream people who walk the streets.   Night is inhabited by the yellow cab, their drivers more vampire than man and I am thankful that a half-inch thick sheet […]

Dead and Gone

Not confined by fine lines, or small minds. A precious few can share into this solitude. Keep the company of demons, ghosts and angels. From dreams to death, I tempt inherent danger. Up and down – I still stick around. Dead or driven – fool or clown.   Emaciated in this living coffin, life lived […]

Dead To Dreaming

They come, forlorn spirits. I cast off my fear. Singing lamentation, green absinthe, cloudy and unclear. Try to drown, force to see, the hidden need. Hold me down, family, the knowledge tree. Winter lacking snow, not so far to go. I’m far from fear, all love is near. Awaken dead eyes, ocean takes my cries. […]