What Are Friends For?

A problem within a problem. A time within a time. I hesitate, miss my escape; guess I'm on board for one more ride. I asked for this, I can't deny it. Caught up in the arms of desire and regret. Losing never meant destruction, it just meant starting all over again.   Met a friend … Continue reading What Are Friends For?

Bitter Dark Snow Globe

    I know I crossed that line, blazed with it, inhaled it; like a rough morning, sunrises slow and greasy over the wrong side of town.   Never knew a day like any other. Never imagined anything could be better than that sharp hydrochloride bite and the rush up swim down, fuck it all … Continue reading Bitter Dark Snow Globe

Love – Dead – High

So much for us, this has been a wondrous torture. Too much for us maybe it always was, but we never quit, never stopped delving deeper, unfettered, into the endless story.   Counted on me to be the one who makes us sorry. Apologise again, but it's too late now. We just keep on going … Continue reading Love – Dead – High

Cold Blooded

I have never been more exposed and vulnerable. Standing here arms open wide, ready to accept you decision. I appeal to what I hope is your kind and merciful nature, but I'm not surprised when you draw your knife.   No amount of persuasion would ever be enough to disarm you. I begin creating distance; … Continue reading Cold Blooded

The Eye of The Hurricane

  The sounds of footfalls echo down empty streets. Night is an amplifier; it wakens the senses. Draws out once imperceptible nuances, like a spider spinning its web, ‘round and round, in time with the coming hurricane.   The sky reveals nothing. It conceals every secret, but revealed only briefly by the bright blaze of … Continue reading The Eye of The Hurricane

The Light That Saved The World

  You blinded me with utter brilliance, with radiant light; luminous being. I missed the signs, I just stood there blinking; sun tracers in my eyes. I didn’t realize that I had been changed in an instant by seeing you resplendent.   All the world is shadow now; your light is gone and chased away … Continue reading The Light That Saved The World

Beautiful Opposite

These are the words that never reached your ears. This is the touch that never felt your skin. This is the sigh that never left your lips. Never have and never will again. There is a solitude and shadow that sustains you. You are so silent as the night, you hide your face. Even the … Continue reading Beautiful Opposite

Surviving a Plane Crash

So, this is the impossible thing that I have asked of you. Never said anything we ever did was going to be very easy. You've been clinging to your life, like you think that you need it, but you look the other way every time you have to live, as if every day were the … Continue reading Surviving a Plane Crash

Whiskey Painted Holocaust

Black death negative. I heard a voice in my head screaming, pleading with me to go. I held on, despite the rising tide of terror and the insane screaming.   What have I done? What is still left to do? There was a point to this when I began, I'm sure of it now. All … Continue reading Whiskey Painted Holocaust


  How could I even begin to describe who we are on the inside? There’s one inside another, inside another and so on. Called to give the prisoners a lecture. Words distilled down into a tincture. Secret of the universe scrawled on the inside of an eggshell, but what the hell.   They’re on the … Continue reading Blue

The Kill

We sought the summer warmth when winter's unrelenting grip left our whole world a prison cell and now we seek reprieve from the oppression of Summer's heavy hand.   We're never happy, are we? Never finding pleasure with the season, because we ourselves are out of place; out of synch, out of touch with the … Continue reading The Kill

They Don’t Mean Anything

I don't know what to do, or what to say, so I'll say everything, do everything. In the absence of a plan, I'm just hammering away at this wall, trying to break it down.   We thought we were building a home, not a prison. The ineffectual tears, the sadness that never meant anything, or … Continue reading They Don’t Mean Anything

Painted Eggs

I'm in disguise as a normal person. Not a convincing ruse, I'm too much me, it's true. Dignified, until I feel emotions, then my mask slips, just a little bit.   Never wanted to ever be one of you. Falsify the efforts, soft on the inside and hard on the outside. I don't think you're … Continue reading Painted Eggs


It didn't really matter, did it? Nothing I did, nothing I said was going to turn the tide of your destruction. So beautiful, and yet, so volatile.   You were amazing in every way; you know that, right? From head to toe, as close akin to perfect as God ever let leave Heaven. Unapproachable, but … Continue reading Otherworldly

Subcutaneous Love Affair

Deny me. Deny my everything. It's what you need to live, what you believe will give you what you need; an opportunity to breathe, but you're drowning in the deep.   Look away from me. Two steps away and you'll agree; the grass is greener. You're a big believer. Now, another two or three and … Continue reading Subcutaneous Love Affair

The Trust Game

Breaking all of my personal guidelines.   Giving a chance to the unrequited.   Don’t think I had half a mind to save you.   Don’t think that I really cared.   But I will step out of my comfort zone, So you can see I tried.   I’m No better than you, I have … Continue reading The Trust Game

Using The Jaws of Life (Muscle Memory)

These are the hands that touched you, the ones that now seek to explain themselves. The past is so far back there, I cannot reach it to turn it over and see why it is there.   I am of the opinion that we crashed into each other; hard. Too hard to extricate ourselves and … Continue reading Using The Jaws of Life (Muscle Memory)

The Mist Walker

Morning mist embraces these forsaken streets, giving them an air of mystery; like a veil hides undiscovered beauty.   Slipshod building facades frown narrowly on a lone passerby.   A lank and dreary fellow, making his necessary mile before the Sun burns away the clouds to reveal the day.   Dew drops cling to hat … Continue reading The Mist Walker