When I close my eyes there’s something there in the not-so-dark with me. There’s something in my mind besides me. I believe that there is a place that I have seen in dreams; extra-dimensional, but it is still me. At least, that’s how it seems.   Tell me reality is only what I see. … Continue reading Psychonautic

Litany of the Morning

Every morning we meet. Just me and the pen, and the paper, and the words, and the dark, and the hope, and the love, and the eventual disappointment.   Okay, there isn’t always “disappointment”. But there isn’t always “hope”, either. There is, however, always “love”, even if dimly registered. It is there; always.   Why … Continue reading Litany of the Morning

The Shit Disturber

She really asks a lot of really stupid questions. Like that time when she wanted to know why big media companies are often chaired by the same people who are on the boards of big arms companies.   I mean, who asks that?   Or that other time, when she asked why big environmental groups … Continue reading The Shit Disturber

The Drone Parade

Pull up the sheets and wish away the day. Shut your eyes and wish the world away. There is no love left in your menial, pathetic, drone parade. Marching to and from the hive you're not even alive, you're just another name.   You've traded all your time for pay. Money doesn't change hands, numbers … Continue reading The Drone Parade

Harbingers of The Angels

Red and blue. Red and blue lights. Red and blue light flashing, screaming, tearing through the quiet night. A terrible and beautiful display.   They light up the street and the stars seem to shrink away, as if giving space for the first responders to work.   On a path that takes me nowhere near … Continue reading Harbingers of The Angels

Love in A Physical Universe

How long has it been since you were last told that you are special and unique to the universe? Not only needed by the world, but necessary for its existence?   I know you have been feeling a little blurry around the edges; undefined, like an underexposed photograph. And I know you've been wanting that … Continue reading Love in A Physical Universe

The Interview

I split my tongue so that I could speak to you in a language you would understand. I sold my soul to a ghost, turns out he used to be a man, but I made out better than most; made something of his plan. Gone a while to the coast, maybe they'll bury me in … Continue reading The Interview


Sometimes it’s tough to get going. Sometimes the potential energy just won’t reach a threshold for release, until the seconds are groaning by, and each tick of the clock is the lifespan of a star. Then, finally - SNAP!- We’re moving. Feelings flooding, images rushing past faster than the mind can catch them. Blurring, blazing, … Continue reading SNAP!

The Travelling Tree

There is darkness and there is light, and I am here in the shadows of this place, in this time, I find myself. I am whole and I am broken. I am saved and I am lost. Together and apart from all things I have been. I am somewhere in between what I was and … Continue reading The Travelling Tree

About “GFY”

Not everything that gets written is gold, far from it. One of the most enjoyable things about being creative is exploring and playing with ideas and having fun with them. Don't limit yourself to one type of expression, let the expression choose its own form. You never know when something is going to become something else. Like that … Continue reading About “GFY”

The Picture in The Hall

A picture of Stonehenge adorned the wall in a hallway of my friend's mother's house. It stood out amongst the family portraits, graduation photos and vacation shots along some sunny beach. It just hung there, inexplicable. A monolith, a mystery. She told us she had never been to England, though she was well-travelled, never had … Continue reading The Picture in The Hall

Update – “We Have Ignition…”

Hello, When I first started this blog, I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with it. Once I started uploading the "Side Effects" collection, I felt that the time spent at the keyboard was at the very least going to be a beneficial exercise for old skills. I even dared to be hopeful, as I poured over notebooks and … Continue reading Update – “We Have Ignition…”


I have worn out the words that describe rebirth. There are no new ways to recreate what is. The sculpture pulverized to dust, and water added, folded back into clay, then molded into some transcendent form, is still dust. Each palace built on opulence and verdant builder’s ego, with gilt and polished stones and cedar … Continue reading Rebirth?