A Smile

There is a smile, deeper than where the skin spits. A spark in the eye that belies inner jubilation. In fact, the deeper we go, the more intense the sensation of joy, permeating to the point of madness.   A smile is an open wound showing off our insides. Our hidden and most precious things, … Continue reading A Smile

Fumble Fuck

I'm a blind man, trying to feel my way around this system. I'm lost in intricate theatricals. I don't understand the symbols or their meaning, can't shake the feeling, this isn't going to end well.   I tried to take apart a person, just to see how they worked on the inside, but it can … Continue reading Fumble Fuck

Break Time

So tired. Glossed over the mad season's crawl. Suffered from every self inflicted affliction I could get my hands on.   My cup runneth over with all kinds of morbid cocktails and I have stood in line too long to take them back, so I just stand there nursing my disappointments.   In the dark, … Continue reading Break Time

I Am an Explosion

If emotions could bleed, if sensations could breathe, my decisions would be better you'd see. I am an explosion, waiting to detonate, expression and questions, I don't think I can wait anymore.   I have been sitting for so long in a sedentary state. Detained by the limitations of the world, but this is my … Continue reading I Am an Explosion

The Odd Embrace

I have always loved the weird ones. The strange ones, who never marched with the masses, for they only hear the beat of their own heart. Labeled with a thousand derisions, and beaten into shapes that could not contain them. Molds that were not only broken, but vaporized.   I have always loved the scared … Continue reading The Odd Embrace

Chasing Crazy (Love in the Asylum)

Never run off chasing crazy. Don’t try coming after me. The worst thing you could do is catch me. If you’re crazy too, then who’ll catch you? I’ve been stuck in my head for a while now, I think I’ll go out of my mind. From behind these green eyes I’ve grown bored of the … Continue reading Chasing Crazy (Love in the Asylum)