Assholes and Cockroaches

Open your mouth and let out your atrocity. Share your most precious gift for we have gone without. Tell us how the world's supposed to be.   Everyone's an agent and a spy. Everyone has information, they won't be denied. Everyone is cheering on the martyrs who have died and Sunday morning quarterbacking terrorists on-line. … Continue reading Assholes and Cockroaches

The Contrarian

Your pleasure is a poison, killing me a little every day. The things that make you smile, just make me fade away. Although I’ve tried to change, I remain contrary; I find no joy in the things that you seem to need. I can barely stand the air you breathe.   Every touch, every kiss, … Continue reading The Contrarian


Past this is more of the same thing.   Domination of the passive, aggressive and blind. All of the submissive, find their place and quietly die.   Isn't this the same shit it was? Essential problems don't just go away. Don't matter the birth or the cause; we're all living this way now.   Their … Continue reading Damages