The Comedian

Come back Funny Man, you left us to our tears. Smile resurrector, you left us far too soon. Gone when we needed you, you're still around, but you don't smile anymore. The weight of the everyday tragedy beat a frown into your brow.   You were the never ending sanctuary, where we would go to … Continue reading The Comedian

A Lighthearted Chat With an Angel

Some know me as "Consequence", others as "Justice" and to some, I am "Judgement". I have, at times, been wrathful and to the spiritual, my intervention is "Divine".   I exist on both sides of every war, I walk between battlefields, like you walk through aisles at the market. The carnage of righteous indignation, or … Continue reading A Lighthearted Chat With an Angel

Thursday at The Office

Patience is a virtue. To be long suffering is a gift. Being slow to anger and even in response is a sign of a balanced and mature mind. But, even the strongest of us break. Even the most tempered, crack under the strain. The haunting laughter of madness lurks in some dark corner of all … Continue reading Thursday at The Office