Mental Health Monday – 04.10.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness How do we know that we are doing is correct? How do we know that the actions we choose to engage in will be fulfilling to us? How can we not make mistakes? Well, we can't. Not really. Sure, we can learn from our previous decisions, we can analyze outcomes of our past mistakes … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 04.10.23

Life Preserver

I think I’m upside down, head in the water, now. Trouble with breathing, too. Nothing that I can do. Struggle to right myself, clinging to life itself. Water just remains blue, reflecting the sky at you. I’ve never drown before, don’t want to anymore. Wonder what holds me in this deadly position. How did I … Continue reading Life Preserver

At Second Glance

A bright smile and self assured, a walk just killing those shoes. Head held high and eyes wide, showing care. I think you've got things figured out at first glance and then I turn away. For a moment, my mind wanders and when my gaze returns. I see you walking with your daughter and your … Continue reading At Second Glance

For Your Sake

No hate - No vice - So nice this love. Where is the one that I dream of? All waste decays - so drive beyond 'til all the pain of life is gone.   Wash it away with the rain, cascading like a million tears of relief. Watch it all happen again, such is the … Continue reading For Your Sake

Brake Slippage

It only takes a second to torture yourself forever; breaking up - breaking down, or just say "Fuck it" altogether. Just an instant - don't you miss it, your whole life passes you by; a short flicker in the moment, in the blink of an eye.   How could you let it get away? The … Continue reading Brake Slippage