This kind of life differs from any other, lifts me higher – drags me under, breaks me down, but I still wonder; what the point is – why we’re here. One moment it’s so obvious, with love and light in all of us. So simple – then so complicated, out lovers, now the hated.   […]

Mono (of one)

Self-inflicted – the worst kind of betrayal. With no love for the life, I’m living to fail. Oh yeah, I tried to tell you, in every way I know how, but you were never really listening; I guess I can see that now.   I can see I’ve been lying to myself, can’t expect you […]


Interpret the perfect picture a little different every time, ’cause all things seem to change and the perfect never stays that way forever.   Even as times wind down, so the life ties die; sky crashes to the ground. So in dirt life grows, energy changes forms and has been doing so for longer than […]


  Ain’t looking for a free ride. Fighting my lies and outside, don’t look so surprised.   Willing and wanting to pay my way with blood, with come, with all I have within me. With piss and spit and shit and the will to succeed.   Respond to a sensation and set it to a […]

Reversal Morning

And it all came down, on that morning when the world awoke to find itself no longer kept in place. No law but truth and through truth, consequence. The sun rose and fell again, as quick as an implosion, or the blink of a god’s eye. The rain rose up and the waves went back […]

Death of a Way of Unliving

And so it begins, as one of me dies another takes its place. As torn limbs and loves      grow stronger amidst my own demise. I wandered through the ruins,    trying to descry what I had been. Here and there   a shaded memory  survives. I know if I disturb them        they’ll dissolve. […]


You don’t have to, but you will anyway. It’s just the way you are. Like the sun shine when I’m ok with rain I think of you and there you are. I’m pretty sure that nothing I have done qualifies me for a life with one such as you, you’re the whole world, it’s true. Funny […]