Fortune favors the bold. The meek inherit the Earth. The Sun will explode, killing our planet, if some rock from outer space doesn't do it first.   Promises, promises...   I'm going to write the Great American Novel. I'm going to eat right, no more smoking and drinking, and be healthy. I'm going to buckle … Continue reading Promises

The Odd Embrace

I have always loved the weird ones. The strange ones, who never marched with the masses, for they only hear the beat of their own heart. Labeled with a thousand derisions, and beaten into shapes that could not contain them. Molds that were not only broken, but vaporized.   I have always loved the scared … Continue reading The Odd Embrace

The Last Dawn

Conciousness claims another victim, as the dawn's light glints golden off the faces of ancient oppressors. We used to see in black and white until all division was abolished under the ressurrection of what never died. What never was. But will be. We used to feed on fruits of pain and toil. Flesh worked steel, … Continue reading The Last Dawn