Mental Health Monday – 06.20.22

#mentalhealthmonday #mentalhealthawareness Presence. Being. We can’t achieve anything until we learn how to exist properly. Easy, right? Sure. Are we our thoughts and our emotions?Are we our actions and their effects?Are we random protein chains and amino acids hurling through space in an ever-expanding universe we don’t comprehend?Are we children of God? Who are we? […]


Go ahead, rain on my parade. Piss all over it; see if that stops me. If your knife in the back words and your piano wire garrotte eyes haven’t cut me down yet; you’re going to have to try harder, because I’m going to try harder. Every littered failure I have left in my wake […]

In Free Fall

I caught myself in a free fall, it felt like zero gravity. Infinite bliss.   In the absence of a plan, run towards chaos and kill everything; such a simple axiom. Better to be dead than to speak words that are blameless.   In between the sky and the ground is every opportunity.   I […]

Puzzle Box

Emotional, at least I thought you were. Both of us never in doubt. Hopeful, without benefit of anything that told us so; we went on faith.   Now it seems as if we were wrong, in oh, so many ways. Learning the hard way, that hope is not a prayer. Maybe we were idle when […]

Tiny Castles

    There were never any expectations, only endless possibilities. You cornered yourself in a little box you made; so much for all that potential. Now, you want to get out of the circumstance that you thought was so safe. You want to stretch your legs a bit, regret is always a perfect fit. It […]

The First Time + Forever

Remember the morning. In the still-dark, when my hands find you and my lips follow. In the half-sleep, we seek comfort and finding each other, the fear fades. The morning sky lights shine on over the eastern rise, to find two lovers holding on while day breaks.   Remember the morning. Let the light of […]

Surviving a Plane Crash

So, this is the impossible thing that I have asked of you. Never said anything we ever did was going to be very easy. You’ve been clinging to your life, like you think that you need it, but you look the other way every time you have to live, as if every day were the […]