To Live Well

  Remember what they gave you, lines and limitations. A beating every other reason, or a random ridicule.   Sharpen everything they shattered. Knife from ego, spear from bone. Know that when they come to get you, many won’t be going home.   Forgive and forget, and walk away, and live well, but dreams can […]

Genesis and Exodus

  Bright light, even the whitest, star-blue shades of Milky Way explosion.   Black, like a hole devours light and energy.   Trapped on the cooling crust of a ball of molten iron.    Spit magma and slag back up at the sky. Cursed where mountains rise and abandoned in valleys, created by the impacts […]

The Edge

  I see you walking the edge. Not sure you’re even aware. Below, the waves smash the rocks, and above you, only empty air.   Where are you going today? Into the memory? Or, are you wide awake, riding the line, because it’s the only certainty.   Day to day, you have problems. Always another […]

Bird Man

   Yearning for your eloquence, the trials of a simpler day described by eyes and mind, voiced so perfectly. Receding underground, almost performing from backstage. We heard your call from miles around and we came.   Bird man, your wings spread wide and covered us. They carried you on higher winds.   Bird man, you […]


  Playing between the planes. Didn’t think much of existence. Never here or there. To me, the idea of time seemed insignificant.   Seeing you there, I tried to bring you trough, but we were made for different places, so I came to you.   Seeking a way for us to be alive in strange […]

Sounds and Lights

  Confused more by the day. The sounds and lights, the bright array. Once composed, now gone insane. Nothing rational left to say.   In the darkness chaos reigns. Tricks our eyes, infects our brains. We sought systems to tame a world we couldn’t change. Now, it’s fallen, devolved into disarray, while nature stayed the […]

Before Blood

  Watching me, like a distant parent, maybe not blood, but maybe something more. We were something before blood, weren’t we?   We were light, we were dust, we were energy. How might you understand me? How might you light my way?   I am aware of you, but I have never needed you, and […]


  The lies we tell each other. The lies we tell ourselves. There’s something undercover that leads us both straight down to Hell.   There are ideas, and then there are revelations. One hand to save us, the other holding our damnation. So surprising we let go of our own salvation, to cling to the […]

Recovery Position

  Confidence; the vice that grips you. Doubt, the sour aftertaste. Bloodshot eyes, and perforations in your soul and memory.   Isn’t it time you made the promise? You and I both know your word is worthless, but even just going through the motions would be better than this.   No sacrament, no Holy altar. […]

Living Proof

  Start slow, and let the muscles take their time. Deep in your mind, you know the ways of the ancestors.   Come to the front, not because you want to fight, but because you want to hear the end of the soul screaming, suffering inside of you.   It has to end sometime, unless […]

Quiet at High Tide

  I’m not getting out. You’re not getting out. The tide is rising and we’re all gonna drown.   We’re made this way; temporary things. Vociferous, meaningless, each corrupted in our way. But, so  easily convinced that we are beautiful, meaningful. As if we were made to be programmable, damnable.   Riding high on our […]

A Conversation with Everyone

  Put everything in the fire. See what burns and what remains. That’s how you get left with only bones and stones for graves.   Build a wall to save the garden. Build three more and make a prison. You can still see the sky, but you can’t fly, or climb your fears and what […]


  The washed out color of the December sun. Grief in the long gone September. Purity was analog. The best that we had to offer, wilted, died, and lays now, frozen beneath the snow.   The dearth of clouds only reflects the emptiness of hard headed love. The kind that strips back the fawning, false […]

Time to Smile

  These days the thoughts burn through my mind, like a brand, too long on the hide. I spend my time vacillating between the damned and the divine.   Walked along the line, but lately I find myself too tied up to go. Like there’s knots around my limbs, in my muscles, and in my […]

This New Confusion

  Breaking the horizon line, one step of a giant, or a lifetime of fight and grind. Settling old debts; not yet remembered, what I was trying to forget.   Reaching out with more power than when I first set out, but that doesn’t keep doubt from sinking its fingers in. Maybe I’ll fall asleep […]

The Spider and the Devil

  Consciousness is such a bastard. Make it go away and it comes back again. Brings me my mind in perfect torment, or the world, which never satisfied.   Brought me you, to teach me of betrayal, in my own heart and in yours. That kind of breaking is enough to make a man want […]

Changing the Watch

  Words whispered in calm, still air colder than the dawn. From this watchtower we see the future come on. An uninterrupted march, but we make no enemy of time. There will be a change when we come off the line. You kept me in the moment. The here and the now. With words spoken […]

Light Monsters & The Journey Home

  Came through one more time, still noting the significance of each and every trial; the beauty of this dissonance. I used to believe that monsters didn’t exist in the daylight, and that there would only be one journey home.   Now, I have made a hundred forays out into the world, and I know […]