Writing Music

  These words are reading you.   Each one asks you for everything.   Just one syllable, touches a taut cord in you and it reverberates.   If I play you right. I might make you sing.   I’m just a musician looking for a willing instrument.   We are in tune. One and one, […]

Punching Down

  They’re gonna call you out. So much for safety amongst the crowd. If you open your mouth, better be prepared to be ground down.   They’re gonna drag you. Ask the ones who came before, if you can even find them. Stabbing all the avatars, trying to pierce the minds behind them.   Suffering […]

For a Pupil

  Your eyes hold no questions anymore. They used to be endless wells of curiosity and petulance. I could never satisfy your hunger for understanding, it was as if you were birthed to know the world.   You travelled in its pages, haunted the long halls of new museums and old book stores. Never missed […]

Light and Darkness

  Waking up and there are still stars in the sky. I thought it was a dream, but then you reminded me that we were in eternal darkness. A sky that hung above us, showing us a billion distant suns, but ours, an absentee, delinquent.   We came from a place where the light shines […]


Originally posted on Hokus Grey:
What more do I have to offer you? What more could I give? What more do you want? What other piece of myself have I not shared? What words, what thoughts, what acts have I not devoted to you? What blood, what sweat, what seed have I not given to…

Taking the Stairs

  Breaking my heart again. Falling down my crystal stairway. The brilliance of the dawn replaced by a golden epilogue.   I try to find my feet, but like my Faith, they have forsaken me.   Strive as I might, I have never found a use for the word “Thrive”. It’s as if the syllable’s […]


  Revenge was bad business, it stained the hands and we couldn’t get them clean. Scrub and scrub, until our blood replaced theirs, but in the end it was a sad sacrament.   We never knew the true darkness of our hearts. We never explored the tickling tongue of Vanity, which fed the children of […]

Cause and Effect

  Closing your eyes, thinking the universe doesn’t apply to you. I imagine your surprise on the moment when you realize you were wrong. There are few things in this life as certain as consequence. Everything effects everything and nothing is free from that. Even your dreams are tied into the universe. There are no […]

New World Order

  Open up your eyes. It’s time. You’ve had a few years, now to shake the chaos out of your head and start to see the patterns out here.   It’s time to take your mind out of the world that you designed and start living outside, because everything else has been a lie.   […]

The Cusp

  It’s stupid to stand there on the edge and not jump. Sure, you can lie to yourself and say that you’ve enjoyed the view, but up here, looking out over all of this, this climb; doesn’t it make you wish that you could fly?   We spend our whole lives earthbound. No better than […]

In the Dark

  I walk for hours in the darkness, through the night. I feel the rain fall, but I can’t be pacified. I haunt you in your dreams and you haunt me in my life. You bring me to your room and invite me inside. In the dark, we kill the hours and we barely stay […]


  How can I show you the sunrise through my eyes? I pick you up and you fall apart every time. You say that you want to know what’s going on in my mind, but you’re just a shell of yourself, there’s nothing left inside.   Do you want to live through me? Do you […]

The Man in the Grey Suit

  Black eyes and grey skin. Soulless dead, but hunger still. Mind of a predator, more machine than resembling the biological.   Dark waters. Dark nights. A force of nature, unstoppable. Have you tried not eating at the feast table? Impossible when there is but one directive.   Resistance is akin to no longer breathing. […]

Flat Earth

  Things are not the same, and I’m afraid they never will be. How did we go so astray? The world is tilting, and if it’s flat we’re all gonna fall off, and we will have to learn to live underground. How will the world look when everything is upside down?   It won’t matter, […]

Small Town Ground

  We got caught up in us, never seen the train arrive. So much of what we thought came from our small lives. Understanding only two streets, one stop light, and the mountains.   Snow came late and we missed it, but we were okay. Just getting by on diner fries, and take away.   […]

Disney Plus

   “Once upon a time…” What a horrible way to start. Living with one eye stuck backwards, nailed to the past.   Fairy tales were cautionary, mean to teach us all lessons writ with bloody fingers, paid for with souls, and bodies laying where they fall.   No cute characters. No bright sunshine. The valiant […]

Imagining the Universe

  Questioning our very nature; is it you, or is it me? Am I just a figment of your imagination? Are you my divine possibility?   Is there an answer out there somewhere that would comfort, that might satisfy all of my insecure wonderings, or do we have to wait to die?   Hope I […]

The Dream Eaters

  In another space, another time, we would be different, you and I, but not every dream is remembered upon waking.   Forgetting is a merciful act. Amnesia a blessing. We don’t know what we’re missing when the sun chases the moon. Time goes by, but sometimes, I wish to God that it did not. […]


  Who are we, but consciousness? Biochemical automatons, wired into something we don’t understand. Parts and pieces of a system that somehow connects dirt dwelling nematodes and far off cosmic events.   Organic miracles, anomalies, whatever we want to call ourselves; I find it strange that we could think of any intelligence as “artificial”, when […]