Miss-Information (so fucking stupid)

Little Miss, have you met disinformation? My little lie, as I tell you; "You mean so much to me." This middle man is paid to bend the truth, such as you see.   Patronize - soft eyes and smiles. Tender words to pierce your fragile heart. Once you catch on, I'll confess and apologize, say … Continue reading Miss-Information (so fucking stupid)


Forces conspire - death and desire, to set you up - take you down, let you hang on barbed wire. People and politics, heathens and heretics, persuade and invade you and ply you with tricks. Want you to submit to their useless shit, convinced that it's gold, but it's you who's sold.   No reason … Continue reading Deny

Theory of Negativity

Consumption to the point of compulsion, rejection a foregone conclusion. This state of paradox, tried to put it in a box and failed miserably. This lack of fulfillment, the dark sun that nourishes me. Desiccated faith no longer, persuaded to death in anger, when tried for a life of blasphemy.   Direct - The Theory … Continue reading Theory of Negativity

Seeing What It Does

I probably should have mentioned, that this moment is fleeting and we have but an instant to make that impression revealing.   I - the open book, though you never liked it at all. Thought you had what it took, guess that I was wrong.   Hope it'll never come as a great shock to … Continue reading Seeing What It Does

You Started a Fire…

A silent scream - immolation - inspiration, instigate another situation - such damnation is the core of this heart that's beating. No more pussified fucks defeating. Can't touch the soul that's consumed by fire, place my mind on the line - take it higher.   Confronted and cornered - I lash out. Holding no knowledge … Continue reading You Started a Fire…

Vapid Outrage

In times of tumultuous circumstances, one ought to be interesting; there are no merits for bland words and banal verbatim, even less for click-share sentiments that weep with the sincerity of a chopped onion. Our striped bar avatars, smooth, plastic faces displace our discourse with a buoyant sense of relevance. Self serving and ineffectual , … Continue reading Vapid Outrage