Like an Angel

I have the words, but I dare not speak them; not sure my tongue could sound them out. I have the strings, but I cannot play them; out of tune and out of touch.   I’m afraid that the beat is shaking, as my heart trembles in my chest; suffering erratic palpitations, this is why … Continue reading Like an Angel

A Lighthearted Chat With an Angel

Some know me as "Consequence", others as "Justice" and to some, I am "Judgement". I have, at times, been wrathful and to the spiritual, my intervention is "Divine".   I exist on both sides of every war, I walk between battlefields, like you walk through aisles at the market. The carnage of righteous indignation, or … Continue reading A Lighthearted Chat With an Angel


So now the time has run you down, like a drunk driver, suicide bomber; weak and waiting, suffer longer. Drawn out poison, placed and bought, this rebel angel; outlaw - uncaught.   Here lies your sense of right and wrong. Plague cured - pilfered for a song. Drag demons out for my benefit. Malevolent, but … Continue reading Desiccated

Her Father Called Her Name and She Was Gone

Come out from admidst your beautiful menagerie and walk with me between vast spaces and I shall show you all of creation. Hear me, and put adside a child's vision be no more of one world, but of all worlds; for you were never made to be a fixture. You, of feminine skin grew with … Continue reading Her Father Called Her Name and She Was Gone