Singing a song and I will let it linger. For so long, I have hated whole the hunger. Led an open mind to a closed door – forcing the breach. Draining my mind more – experience the leech.   Bonded and bitter, forsaking and taking. Done more that I thought I could to be mistaken. […]

Fear Mongering Messiah

How do you feel as it slowly takes hold? Growing in intensity – fear is normal, as we’re sliding down away from solid ground. Reacting to atrocity, conditioned by authority to be – bewildered by apathy.   Does it fade, or merely wither? Does it taint your perfect picture? Fear reacts to make us either […]

The Price of Sustenance

Silence. I can hear the silence. It beats upon my skull like a torrential rain. Voices. I can’t hear the voices. The lips move constantly with nothing left to say. There are no ideas left, we harvested them all. The knowledge tree is rotten, it’s about to fall. The belly full, the mind a finely […]