Childish Things

I am told that we used to play in a garden of stars. So many silly games made us who we are. We never stopped to question the meaning of the answers, it was easy to believe them as they were.   If there were no rules to the world I live in now, I’d […]

A Beautiful Cage

You won’t admit that you have closed your eyes, when the world outside showed that it didn’t care and you got scared. Learned you had been believing in a lie, but you’re too brave to hide, so you built a grand design. Painted with the world you want to see on the inside and now […]


Hello, I’m a little bit confused. Can you help me sort out what I feel? Years have gone by and still the same things leave me wondering, leave me grasping at a memory of what was really real.   Remember all the nights, scared and lonely, helpless; now where has all the pain gone? Leaves […]

Adult Child

Little child unafraid. Knowing life is beautiful. Though the world is fraught with danger, still learns to read, seeks to feel. Knowing through, learning to , be more than what is.   Adult child learns what’s corrupted. Growing away from                 Hard pleasure                                 and fresh feeling, into all knowing ignorance. Adult child, so afraid. […]