A Beautiful Cage

You won’t admit that you have closed your eyes, when the world outside showed that it didn’t care and you got scared. Learned you had been believing in a lie, but you’re too brave to hide, so you built a grand design. Painted with the world you want to see on the inside and now … Continue reading A Beautiful Cage

Objects in The Mirror Are Further Than They Appear

How can I put this without sounding as selfish as I have always been? I've been feeding a monster, but this isn't the way it has always been.   If I had a time machine, I would reach back and change one little thing; I'd never have started growing up, I'd have kept what I … Continue reading Objects in The Mirror Are Further Than They Appear

Adult Child

Little child unafraid. Knowing life is beautiful. Though the world is fraught with danger, still learns to read, seeks to feel. Knowing through, learning to , be more than what is.   Adult child learns what's corrupted. Growing away from                 Hard pleasure                                 and fresh feeling, into all knowing ignorance. Adult child, so afraid. … Continue reading Adult Child