Memory of a Party Girl

The same things that dragged her under, tempted her back up again. Though tortured by their skilled caresses, her face split from ear to ear. Prettiness cracked in two; wide smile lips, red blood make-up, concealing jagged teeth, made brutal for the love that lingered.   She said his fists loved her; that his heart […]

The Familiar

My fingertips along your skin take away pain and give pleasure. Calloused and rough,, my heart’s unlikely offender. I trained these hands to heal, lest they become killers, but my heart, my mind and my soul; they would not stop bleeding out the familiar.   Who do you think you are, to try to soothe […]

Disposable Syringe

You can feel it crawl across your skin, anticipating the stimulation, shivering with trepidation until it pierces through you.   Disguised as spiritual release, it’s really nailing you down, you let it hammer itself through that precious part of you and stake you to the ground.   It’s just a temporary twitch, it’s going to […]

The Gift

Every day is a blessing. Each day is a gift; you remember that.   Don’t go getting all melancholic and blubbery on the days that mark sad and tragic milestones. You’re still here, ain’t cha? Sure you are.   Remember that on days when your co-workers slander your name and spread all kinds of vile […]

Rain Rolls Down

She’s not alright tonight, the passion’s gone and she’s burned out. Gave up the right to fight and she’s blaming Him for how it turned out.   ‘Cause when the party’s over and the moment’s just a memory, when the sun has set, she feels so alone. She can’t forgive herself, so how could He? […]


No cover, no bigger rush. No other, so much for this shit. There lies the favor, love her or hate her, here is your saviour; shrouded in malcontents.   Sit and wonder how I stand, what I’ve done with my own hands. Draw out this distorted love, where is the one that I dream of? […]

Miss-Information (so fucking stupid)

Little Miss, have you met disinformation? My little lie, as I tell you; “You mean so much to me.” This middle man is paid to bend the truth, such as you see.   Patronize – soft eyes and smiles. Tender words to pierce your fragile heart. Once you catch on, I’ll confess and apologize, say […]

Easing the Descent

She’s sitting on the window sill, sliding down the wall, drunk – or merely giving in to a sick compulsion’s call and a withered man says pray and save, but he don’t understand at all; easing the descent ain’t quite that easy – believe me-   Hands let her down slowly, words aren’t all that […]

Fist Fuck

If I hold back the loving finger, will you linger on and beg for more? Twisted – you just ate your sister. Grab a camera – lube and fist her.   Please me – forced out – moral high ground Free drug fist fuck – fun to have around.   No difference to the abuse […]


Hello, I’m a little bit confused. Can you help me sort out what I feel? Years have gone by and still the same things leave me wondering, leave me grasping at a memory of what was really real.   Remember all the nights, scared and lonely, helpless; now where has all the pain gone? Leaves […]