Veins harden. Arteries clog. Concretions become varicose, webbed across the skin, like a long abandoned spider’s cemetery. Cold at its heart, avenues that once pumped life, now narrow, as the detritus of a convalescent life comes to pile up along the edges.   The heart strains to beat. No longer does the downtown core […]

Mental Health Monday

A few months ago, I started using memes from social media to start conversations around Mental Health. I found that people were very likely to post memes that reflected a feeling or emotion that they likely did not feel comfortable addressing explicitly. I found myself connecting with certain ideas and I thought that I would […]


  The road reveals itself before us, mile after mile of unending blacktop, as if this old truck that rolled off the assembly line in 1998 never stopped moving at all. We’re just passengers. Me, in the driver’s seat, and you, with your sunglasses on and hair blowing around haphazardly, we’re just along for the […]


  I can’t force the words to mean what I want them to. Subtly resisting my attempts to coerce them. I can’t make them weep. I can’t make them cry. I can’t make them bleed, but I can try.   This is not a good way to get healthy. Many before me have lost their […]


  What’s killing us, Babe? What got us all torn up and going crazy? Is it the passing of loved ones and time? Or is it something we can’t define?   What is it, Babe? Is it the wars, or politics, or something not so obvious, like this never ending winter?   I think it […]

Matter and Energy

  So alien and hollow, this place can be. All this matter and energy doesn’t really matter anyway. Is it all just filling space? Ideas come and go, like the days, and people; all the good ones pass away.   The best of us are taken to a fault, while the worst ideas become cults. […]


  There exists a being in your chameleon skin, changing in the minute. No chasing you, disappear into whatever place you are. Suffragist of this ever changing, ever shaping world.   Taking the scalpel from the doctor’s hand. Trepanning and performing your own lobotomy. Isn’t’ it easy? Hiding from yourself, hiding from the world. Behind […]

Finding You

  Seeking your face amongst this crush of bodies, this anonymous war. Seeing you would be the only thing that could erase the pain and chase away the ghosts.   All these sad and somber faces, lit by the light of their screens and I think that each one looks like Death, their faces sickly. […]


  We stumbled down old, sacred pathways. Each seeking to unfold the dream that had hidden itself from our consciousness. You, so young, yet so prepared. Ready to endure, for you were all damage.   I was listless, no intrepid one, just languishing, dying in my prime. I had been content to be an empty […]

First Day

  Splitting through a peaceful moment, a high pitched scream, loud enough to make the dead moan for quiet.   Splitting though the air, the sky, the mind. Another one awakens to a life on the other side.   First day in a new reality.   Didn’t believe what they were told. Didn’t believe what […]

The End of The Game

  Playing the game at the pace of our lives. Playing to win doesn’t absolve us of our crimes, but it does take everything we ever had and ever wanted in return for a world made of lies.   Constant as sin, break of the day, the warnings were there, we looked away. We put […]

Cattle Cars

  The smile in the eyes fades away like the daylight behind thick clouds of alienation and neglect. Bought and sold, the farm animals begin to turn feral in the grey light of an oppressive Spring sky. Solemn where they used to sing. Anesthetized where they used to dance. Fit for the violent throes of […]

I Hear You

  I pause for a moment, and I hear you. I realize I’ve been speaking, a steady stream of words, as if I’m afraid of what you are saying.   I am now silent and I hear you. Your words are low and they come slowly, but they ring true none the less. The same […]



Connecting Things

  Touch me. Let me know that I still have skin and form. Give me a reason not to doubt my own reality. Once here, in full, I can begin to understand you. Learn you like a new language. Another voice in my head. We were two, apart, but now a union. Connected by something […]


  Hold on. Wait a minute. Be still. Stay calm. Listen to the world around you. I mean, really listen. Don’t just acknowledge sounds, but let your ear become attuned to the beating of your heart, the sound of your breathing in and out, the rush of your blood and the pure sounds of silence. […]

Last Train

  Find the exit. It’s time to go. That last train will leave and you’ll be stuck here. So many days spent searching for something you thought you lost while living here.    It’s beginning to feel like you’ve been missing something important for a while, and you’re scared to admit, maybe you never had […]

Torches and Pitchforks

  Yearning for the fire. These light emitting diodes are soulless, the shadows they make, formless. We used to banish the dark, but now I think we court it. Tease it with our digital flamboyance. Fire, stone, and steel gave way to synthetic toys.   We were once the type that feared the night, but […]