Defying Expectations

  Break down, but not the same kind you used to face. This is on purpose. Too much turmoil on the surface, putting on the brakes.   Slowing down. Not that old fashioned instant deceleration. The kind of ending state we used to find you in on so many Sundays.   You look like you’re […]

One Holy Moment

  This is the world. Cold and desperate. Dark and despondent. What light do you bring to it? This is it. One Holy moment. Nothing more sacred than present time. How are you going to influence the continuum? Or will it influence you? Will you cross the Rubicon, move on to something beautiful? All you […]

Star Gazer

  The light didn’t seem to touch you, as if you cloaked yourself in vestments of your own melancholy. We were young, and the world was hostile, breeding hostility in us. We would learn how to be fragile. Some of us, cracked and dented vessels. Others of us shattered completely, only to use our shards […]


  Solutions require problems. Problems require conflict. Conflict requires will, and will needs dreams to be born. Grinding out another creation. Trying to add material while whittling away at this reality, making it show its face. Nothing left and nothing gained, if nothing dared and nothing sacrificed. This is the edge of the world, the […]

Critical Mistake

  Venture out into the timeline. There we go, making a critical mistake, right off the start. Time never was, nor ever will be, a line. It may be more like a cloud, but I think, now we’re just compensating for things we do not understand. Fall back into where we’ve been. Wriggle back into […]

Hear the Bells

  Bells ring. Alarm bells, striking the hour of the day. Shaking me out of my silent reverie, into a dark world full of endless empty streets.   Hear them ring. Church bells at noon, and I am young, far too young for the knowledge that floats in my head. Bobbing along, like the wreckage […]

Anxious Morning

  “Trust in me.” My old friend, Anxiety whispers softly in my ear, in the near total black of morning. Been a while since we spoke. Sometimes I forget why we ever stopped speaking in the first place.   Sitting, waiting for the dawn. These old times linger on. And I remember why I walked […]

Honest Hangover

  Break off the old blinders. Big picture time. Leave the little things behind. Water down the river. Long past time I’ve jumped in it. Long past time I made the decisions that let me be and stopped stopping me. It isn’t enough to want it. Desire is a fire lit that if not doused […]

Pictures of You

  My mind paints the very first time we met, over and over. Sketches out a turbulent romance, trying to catch the fire.   Street art, graffiti, meet classical techniques as I try to depict our intertwining fates.   Digital, mixed media, vie to be a token of the good times and the bad.   […]

No Signal

  Disconnect. Severing the signal. Protect. Critical internals. Forget. Easier said than done. Intellect. Nurtured on an island of one.   Solid. Solitary. No more tenuous stings. No more waves, but the ocean. Abhor connection to anything.   Sometimes stopping the flood is as easy as closing the tap. Shut it off at the source. […]

Masquerade Doll

  Masquerade doll. Concealing every inch of you. Masking your eyes, your scent, your very existence. Do you fear the eye of the world, the hand of God, or the heart of a lover? Why play make believe in such a strange reality? Does blue about your eyes fool the sky? Does crimson on your […]

The Bramble and The Rose

  Seek amongst the days, like flowers through the thorns. Never let the recompense become the impetus for desire. Know that even one spark smites the bramble and the rose. The sweet smell ends with sickened absence. Adorn yourself with flowers. The cuts on your hands only make your face more beautiful. As it is […]

Facing the Sunrise

  Into the morning Sun. Serenade the day. We have just begun to put our pasts away. Stepping through myself, my shadow and my grave. There is no one else whom we can truly save.   Set aside the time to make it right. There is no day without the night. There is no strength […]

New Piece of Sky

  Opening your eyes. Waking to a new horizon. A single line of light describes the curvature of another place, another body. Everything feels different. Conscious now of vague details that tell a new story of your life.   Do you remember opening your hands? Do you remember opening your heart? Do you remember opening […]

Mental Health Monday – 09.05.22

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Resilience. I see so many resilient people who just never get told they’re doing well. Modern society has them fucked up. They can’t see the value of their contributions through the bombardment of “Influencers” and social engineers. They become despondent, lost, and bitter when they feel their efforts have gone unnoticed, or unappreciated. Why […]

Good To See You

  Tell me the best thing that’s come around to you. I haven’t heard any good news in a while. Just watching waste chase after tragedy, it seems so long since I’ve smiled.   Honestly, it’s so good to see you. Missed a friendly face out here. Getting by on sweat and conviction, it’s been […]

Embracing Smoke

    Thoughts are gone, like smoke, like sand, like time escapes the fence of my experience. Hang on all I want and I’m only gonna hurt my hands with the grip. Break my bones and I know they will heal, and I’ll forget the pain. And that scares me, because pain has been all […]

The Wounds in The World

   Gratifying the irrational. Fear, becomes sustenance. Feeding off you. Feeding off me and making more. Quiet the zombie tongue. The one that seeks to taste your flavor. Internal dialogue runs over and over in your head, in your heart. You are every crime the world has ever committed. Bitter and ashes in your mouth, […]