Turn Notifications On?

  Such a maudlin tone. Dull ring, like a bell through dense fog. Interference, trying to suppress another dismal salutation. It’s never anything good. The days of Grandma putting a birthday check in the mail have been replaced with electronic billing, crypto scams, and requests for money from talentless, two-bit hacks, posing as a “Journalists” … Continue reading Turn Notifications On?


  Curiosity, kills what scares us in our dreams. Atrocity, never far from fingertips, always a weapon at hand. Unrequited love is just a measure of missing respect. Existence only counts when there is some shiny surface to reflect. Conspirators, seek to steal your life. Infiltrators feeding on your time. We get drawn in by … Continue reading Conspirators

Beautiful Human

  Trapped In tragedy. I hear your tears falling like summer rain on a sunny day. A waterfall. Constantly, so full of sincerity and suffering. Who knew that this would be existence to you? Chaotic, catatonic, and confused. Even with a million tears to cry, hope is still alive behind your eyes, beautiful human. No … Continue reading Beautiful Human

On Justice

  Perhaps, there is justice. Divine balance carved deep into the very foundations of the universe. Every cause has an effect, and in our heliocentric logic we see things in terms of circles, and cycles, and seasons that repeat themselves endlessly. Are we part of the great equation? Do we tip the balance of the … Continue reading On Justice

Sunrise and Shine

  Shake your head and fight against the light. Hopeless, even when I tell you that it is morning. October has stolen our sunrise and shine, and November will steal our evenings. Push back at me as hard as you want. I am not the rock you weighted on. I am something, partly here, partly … Continue reading Sunrise and Shine

Tides of War

  Was there truth before the war? Did we do what we could to try to venerate it? Cast the vulnerable against the tide of indignation that we had realized. A bullet, punched through a book. We only noticed when the blood touched our hallowed ground. There have been those of us who celebrate that … Continue reading Tides of War

Mental Health Monday – 10.30.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness No one cares. It's a fact. Don't take it personally. All the pain and suffering you have gone through in your life. The trauma, the sacrifice, the loss; yeah, no one cares. Now, I'm not saying that there aren't sympathetic people out there who cannot and will not identify with your struggle, but the … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 10.30.23

Mental Health Monday – 10.23.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Dang. It's Monday again. Winter is here. Showed up like a relative you only half like, and it's gonna stick around for the next six months. Guess what? This game isn't supposed to get easier. So, with that said, what's the plan for this week? What strategies do you have ready to put in … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 10.23.23

The Grey Range Podcast Ep04 w/ Kenton Osterlund – “A Hunting Story”

Available on: YouTube: https://youtu.be/aUYpwfO6W9Q?si=IJsUQnhZmW8K0Xb9 Spotify: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/rKCTRWl64Db Kenton Osterlund is not only a good friend, he's an aspiring hunter, who has struck out on his own to learn the craft of harvesting big game up here in Northern Alberta. On this episode of The Grey Range Podcast, Kenton joins my Officially-Unofficial co-host, Lucas Orich and I … Continue reading The Grey Range Podcast Ep04 w/ Kenton Osterlund – “A Hunting Story”

A Moment Captured

  A hunter’s story. A soldier’s tale. A policeman’s shift. A hero’s journey. A farmer’s morning. A father’s pride. An addict’s struggle. A mother’s smile. A worker’s sweat. A doctor’s care. A stripper’s dance. A fighter’s glare. A runner’s pace. A child’s face. A dancer’s grace. A thinker’s space. A writer’s words. A singer’s song. … Continue reading A Moment Captured


  Gravity, bring down rain. Wash away my secret sin. Hold me down. Keep me here for one more bright day. Let me love the ground. The universe embraced in your arms. Your ever-presence, unyielding, and all things are under your eye. Those closest to your heart have learned to fly. Without you we’d all … Continue reading Gravity

The Power of a Whisper

. Whisper in the night creeps into your head. Wake to hear the sound of words written in red. Lost again and found, something few forget. All along the song plays, its words describing Death. The hope of our days that comes up with the dawn. The trouble still remains as we stumble along. We … Continue reading The Power of a Whisper


  Low order chaos. Crackling energy just beneath the skin, crawling, like another being within. Purpose in a small package. A heavy dose of reality, formed in energy, born of anxiety, stored indefinitely, and fraying at the seams. The contents stay viable, it is the packaging that fades, and ages with time. Yellowing around the … Continue reading 10.21.23

Butterfly Blue

  True to life. You, butterfly blue. No excuse. I came apart chasing the bitter parts with lime, and a couple lines. Watched you move. Music so low, it barely carried a tune. Smoke so stoned, we never noticed          anything outside of our cocoon. A temporary room. No stays, only transient ways. A trip around … Continue reading Butterfly Blue

Wonder, or Hunger?

   Crack open the shell. You’ve been gestating for a while. It is the time for you to grow. You can feel it in all your newly formed bones. What drives you more, wonder or hunger, to push up against that hard, white shell? What you have called sky and ground for your whole existence. … Continue reading Wonder, or Hunger?

Reckless Bravery

  Long way away from those skateboard days. Broken bones never fazed. We just went anyway. The concrete unyielding, but we didn’t care. Pain was the price we paid for some sick air. Man, we could use some of that reckless courage at this age. We build up so many walls, we grow afraid of … Continue reading Reckless Bravery

Mental Health Monday – 10.16.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Doom. It's all falling down around you. Your stomach sinks. The "Fight or Flight" reaction kicks in. You feel trapped, like an animal. Panic. Fear. You know you've fucked up again. Is it over? Is this the end? No. You've felt this feeling before. You lived through it. You didn't die. In fact, you … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 10.16.23