My heart appeals to what you are inside. Consciousness bleeds through every pore, tempting the blade to vivisection. It takes real guts to let it all show. To split the skin and reveal your true nature. You have always remained hidden for fear of predators, but now, I see you naked, teeth bared, and … Continue reading 01.15.23

The Backrooms

  Show me the way out. I’ve been wandering these back rooms for far too long, searching for something familiar. Hopeless as an empty shopping mall, this place exudes a certain hunger. One that never ends. A devouring force of nature. Pass upon another theater. Always the same thing that’s showing. Some inane melodrama, sticky … Continue reading The Backrooms

The Foothills

  One dead tree on a featureless plain. Windswept grassland, empty and forlorn. Reddish gold scrub brush shudders under an uneasy sky. Far in the distance, dark forests climb, until the mountains break through to point accusingly upward. A cold wind moans mournfully. The sun lingers behind cover, as if dismissive of this place. Here … Continue reading The Foothills


  Pushing through the garden gate. Something getting in the way. Look around and try to place the reason I cannot escape. The beauty here is so profound, springing up out of the ground. Never lost and never found. Still can’t bear to stick around. Amongst the green, and blue, and red I have spent … Continue reading Birdsong

Roots and Boundaries

  Staring out a thousand eyeless windows. Each light a soul and every cluster a creation. Hard concrete skins, steel steam pipe vessels, and an appetite that never ceases to feed, or fight, or fuck. There is no starlight where the streetlight glow. The bright moon, displaced by lit neon and kaleidoscopic billboards. Moving through … Continue reading Roots and Boundaries


  Shift through phases.   Little child. Sunshine, summertime, and smiles. Dark nights. Many tears, and so much fear. Dreaming of running away. No place to go. Finding my only escape.   Shift through phases.   Young man. Still a scared little child. Looking in all the wrong places for all the wrong things, and … Continue reading Shift

Feeling for the Edge

  Reaching for the edge. Feeling our way along until we feel the piece is worn, and torn, and we begin to peel it back. This is what it is. Except where it isn’t. Center on the certain while the outside remains a foggy halo. Never drift away from what we’re taught to think and … Continue reading Feeling for the Edge

ReBlog Wednesday – “Black Feathers”

. I have always been enamored with crows and ravens. Growing up in the mountains, I spent most of my time outdoors and always felt a close kinship with wildlife, including the local corvids. Perhaps it is the gleam of intelligence in their eyes, or their social structure, or their innate mysterious nature that is … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Black Feathers”

Mental Health Monday – 01.09.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness There's something strange and unique about each of us. We each have strengths and weaknesses. The funny thing is, we are often confused or misinformed at what they are because we seldom put ourselves in situations in which we are tested. We have been programmed to avoid adversity. Adversity is the only thing that … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 01.09.23


  Thought I was coming away with lessons that would guide me. Instead, I’m left wearing the patchwork clothes of a circus clown, because I believed you to be real. But you were just another conman. A goddamned vampire. Hunter and prey. You sensed the vulnerability in me. Told me that I could be more, … Continue reading Influencer

The Purpose of Travail

  Moving though this vessel like a symptom. First here, then there. Opposed by nothing, but distraction. Things far away, then closer. Lit up like a guidepost, coming through the fog. Calming like redemption. Nothing left bobbing in the wake at all. Subtle treatments admit the cold will do what it was intended to. An … Continue reading The Purpose of Travail


  You can see us living in our windows. Look inside and watch us scurrying about. Watch us eat, watch us play, watch us live. Everything is on display. Peek beyond our curtains and watch the drama of our lives unfold. Birth and death, health and sickness, love and laughter, and pain untold. In our … Continue reading Windows

A Summer Rose

  Too easy to throw away, devalue and discard. Sacrifice is more than just an image. Sanctity is more than perspective. Debt paid and fiends appeased. Slow down the elevator. An illustrious descent. Five stars on the app. Such a virulent plague of fashion. The kind that puts down. What would the masses give for … Continue reading A Summer Rose

Go Again

  Dust off your hands. Take quick stock  of your condition. Any injuries that need immediate attention? Any broken bones, or open wounds? No. Just a few bruises and an injured ego. Looking up, you know no one’s around to see, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less. Coming off is just part of … Continue reading Go Again

A Piece of Ribbon

  Amongst the blades, cutting and decisive, it’s hard to weave a ribbon of thought. The likelihood of encountering some straight razor, or set of shears out, hunting for a reason to cut something. We give praise to the blades, whether they slay an ogre, or open a car dealership. Now, they crave the attention. … Continue reading A Piece of Ribbon

RE-Blog Wednesday – “The Winter Wars”

The Winter Wars – Hokus Grey Winter is upon us. The holidays are past. We now are left with the aftermath of our festivities. The visits from friends and relatives, the indulgences of food, and booze, and consumeristic hedonism that tends to flow almost as readily as the Christmas Cheer. An end to carols and … Continue reading RE-Blog Wednesday – “The Winter Wars”

Mental Health Monday – 01.02.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Quick write to start the year. One thing first;these posts aren't meant to be instructive. I can't tell you what to do. These posts are me trying to reinforce things in my own head, for myself. I'm just trying to find ways to cope with the world and my place in it, and writing … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 01.02.23

Conflict Zone

  We push these things upon the reckless and the young. The not yet formed. Those who might absorb the barbs and thorns. We cast the dice of fortune, praying they come up for war, because there are no gains to be made on Earth with peace restored. Consequence and compassion be damned. Blood soaks … Continue reading Conflict Zone