Great Escape Days

  Taken by every falling morning. Grey skies conceal the blue. Songbirds hide in silence, leaving the sky full of gull’s cries. These are great escape days, where it’s okay for the mind to walk away. No one wants to be insane in summertime, but on these rainy days in spring, there are no rules […]


  This is not what it was. It can’t be. Too much time has come and gone. Pretending that we are somehow immune to growth and entropy is just childish, magical thinking.   I can see that you’re afraid, and you know that I am, too. We’re connected by wires that slowly are corroded through. […]


  Everything falls apart. Me. You. This pen and this laptop will crash and dump files into the void.   The Universe is entropy and chaos, and in some strange twist of cosmic humor, it seems to me that the only balancing force, is us.   Small, brief beings. Who are we to defy the […]

Countdown to Ignition

  The passage of time echoes like the lonely swing of a grandfather clock’s pendulum resonates through an empty house. Memories of laughter and life don’t linger like old, forlorn ghosts.   Even the air carries a milieu of forgotten dreams and broken promises. Silence is the only companion in the tomb.   But Time […]

Life of Fungus

  What is this dark that falls upon us? This silence covers like a blanket, deeper than the stars can penetrate.   Hold on, let me peek outside, but I fear it is only getting worse. Those that have cried for justice are now realizing that it is not coming so, they have settled for […]

The Leap

  Giving up some things is the key to gaining others. That’s what we learned in our tender years, as childhood faded into the West, like a late summer sunset, that burned golden, until the stars came out. We knew it in our hearts. A cold, dead fact that we were going to have to […]

Mental Health Monday 05.02.22

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness A Desert Bloom. In the deserts of Chile, after a rare rain, flowers can be seen sprouting from the deep cracks of the hard, parched ground. These type of events are analogous to all of our Iives. We may go a season or two without the nourishment our hearts and souls needs to flourish. […]

Earth and Atmosphere

  Turning the idea of you over in my head. Not sure if I believe in you, or if I made you up, instead. Nothing else like you here, but I see you everywhere. How did you make me from the earth and atmosphere?   You speak as if you are the only thing that […]

The Dirt People

  Last days, coming out of our favorite state. Blissful ignorance, bleeds colors muddying the palette, turning everything shades of grey and brown.   We can’t see the difference between the shit, and the mud. Even up close, we wade in it, bathe in it, cover ourselves, as if hiding in the Earth, and call […]

Clean Water

  Come on down to the water, gotta get you clean. Wash all of that blood and shit off of you, you’re gonna be free. Cold and crystal clear, running swiftly to the sea. We’re gonna make you new before you mingle with eternity.   It’s got to be something about the way the world […]

Everyday Illusions

  There is no answer, just the sound of rain, which stays cold enough to freeze on the ground. no sunrise today, just grey skies and I’m okay with it. Feeling every bit my age. keep an eye out, as fear tries to circle back around again. Bought hope that was supposed to ward it […]

Party of the Aeons

  Show me an unlikely spirit, one that gazes up high and takes the stars down, one by one, fashioning a necklace, and once bejeweled, dances in the darkness.   Give me a strange day, let morning become evening, slowly rising from the West to sit above us in the dead of night.   Give […]

Community Post

  We don’t put new wine into old bottles, or new skin over old bones. We don’ sanctify our weakness by propping it up with a throne.   Through all the thorns, and scars, and scourges in our way, we define ourselves not by what comes, what may.   We gather together to rejoice and […]

Mental Health Monday – 04.23.22

#mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmonday Let’s face it – it’s just too easy to deny the truth these days. Every type of distraction and gratification is available 24/7 and they are at your fingertips at any moment. Why should we worry about our mental health, when the ability to self medicate is so accessible? Why should we get […]

Planning Phase

  Turning my face towards the morning Sun, trying to convince myself that today will be a good one, and that it’s okay to let go of who I’ve been.   That old man doesn’t need me anymore. Look around at all the things I’ve got to move. There’s no words that can do the […]


  Passing on my way, the way posts, old and crumbling. Memories, of memories, fallen down, like walls of some ancient palace.   Temptation calls from every crossroads, begging a few more minutes of my life for the dead. So easy to be wanting, but not to set a focus.   No talisman could ward […]


  What had tied us down and held us in captivity, rotten away in time. Iron chains, turned to gossamer thread. We could move again. limbs weak from years of stillness, but hearts full of life, eyes bright and wide open. We had wandered into a spider’s web.   It seems so inevitable, in hindsight. […]


  Buttons that held our hearts closed. Things we didn’t need disrobed, discarded, somewhere along the road.   Naked with you under these stars and galaxies. You thought you were not enough to satisfy my curiosity.   The fact is, I stopped wondering with you. Thought I had all the answers, such a naive point […]


  Veins harden. Arteries clog. Concretions become varicose, webbed across the skin, like a long abandoned spider’s cemetery. Cold at its heart, avenues that once pumped life, now narrow, as the detritus of a convalescent life comes to pile up along the edges.   The heart strains to beat. No longer does the downtown core […]