Keep holding the line. If you break, there is no recovery. Feel what you need to feel; smashed, crippled, torn, gutted, sick, worthless, toxic, but hold the fucking line.   Never let it go. Everything depends on you. If you still stand and are still in the fight, even after the beatings, the feeling of […]


How do we keep the climb? End of the mountain now. Up there is only sky, trying to hold the clouds. Can’t even scale the rain as it is falling down. How do we keep the climb, when we’ve run out of ground?   Guess I’ll attempt to fly. Reach for the stars above. That’s […]


Putting things in place that sand castle life and I can see the waves coming in, but there is no time, no escape from the life of a beach dweller on the edge of the cosmic sea.   I hold hope in my hands like driftwood, hoping it will bear me up in the storm. […]


So here we are, in the dying time. A little roughed up, but then again, our limbs are whole. Our hearts are, too, if only a little battered. So, we’re going again? Another round on the wheel of time.   I took a break. I admit, it was ill advised. There was so much going […]


Compromise right into the ground. Angle to the sky consort with better angels. The struggle in the mind makes the flesh weak and the world want. There is no Paradise for the driven.   Hope is discomfort. Love is losing it all. The days spent in quiet contemplation are all gone. The clouds finally recede […]


I think it’s time, that I quit waiting for the wind to blow. How much is the cheapest way out of here? I’m asking for a friend.   Trust me, it’s been one hell of a time again, again, again. I’m easy, but the over-complicated axioms fail to gain their implications.   I can’t even […]


This is going to have to do for now. All I have is this moment to make the world make sense. Ten minutes from now, the world could be absolute chaos, but I only need it to make sense right now, in this moment. Wrap my mind around the problem, like I’m grappling with an […]


Writing… … sometimes, it all comes together and it’s effortless, like the universe is just flowing through your fingertips. Other times, it’s not unlike teaching a rock and a toaster to fuck – senseless and impossible, but damned if you’re not going to spend precious time and frustration trying to make it happen. I think […]


Go ahead, rain on my parade. Piss all over it; see if that stops me. If your knife in the back words and your piano wire garrotte eyes haven’t cut me down yet; you’re going to have to try harder, because I’m going to try harder. Every littered failure I have left in my wake […]


Keep Going.   It’s what I hear over and over. The mantra in the dojo, in the literature and now, it’s in my head.   Keep Going.   It works. It has no equal. There is no substitute for being present. Now, my neophyte mind just wants to be more present and more acute and […]

05.21.18 – A Few Words

I don’t do enough of these, these kind of updates and personal anecdotes. I like to think that everyone is just here to see the work, without the ego and the trappings of the modern writer, or blogger, that cast themselves always in the central role of their story. Not that there’s anything wrong with […]


These are the things that follow me down rabbit hole, after rabbit hole; dwindling starlight winks back in this dark dimension. Heaven help the fallen. How long can the grim death march endure? The hallowed shapes that claim discipleship and rage long into the blogosphere, where the slack jawed and never confirmed salivate for its […]


Crack this old skin open and let the new, shiny and iridescent, glimmer hope and baby soft layer expose to the light of day.   Grey and ways of hopeless now gone, grave deep and waterous. It’s a tough slog these days, no matter whose gains you covet. Can’t even climb into bed without a […]


Do I dare? I’m not sure I have it in me. All the options going forward are daunting where they are not terrifying. The exposure, the vulnerability, the chance of failure is so high.   But this comfort is a silk rope coiling its way around my neck and the legs of my throne grow […]


Capture the moment, the dream, the soul. Fire in a bottle, love out of control.   The world will deceive you; that’s a certainty. We’ll fail each other, in every way. We’ll kill our brothers and call it “Victory”, and not miss a step to our deaths, isn’t life a tragedy.   I think we’re […]


Do the hard thing, the right thing, make the painful cut every time. There’s no easy way to the garden gate and the wall’s too high to climb.   There’s a war outside, there’s a place we’re alive that we seek to find in love. Fall down all our demons now, we seek redemption from […]


This is gonna have to be quick. A car crash. A mag dump. A micro-convulsion. Split lips, staggering tongue; we didn’t get this way overnight, it was long and drawn out like blade steel. Oooh, but what a night we had. Funny we couldn’t build Rome in a day, but we could raze it to […]


Where did I leave off last time… … oh, yeah, I was about to tell the story, of the sailor and the soldier and the hedgehog, but now I’ve forgotten it, such a pity.   It had swords and guns and girls and love and  a hedgehog. It had love and pain and war and […]


I get up a 04:00 to write, everyday. No, I’m serious. Today I woke up at 03:00 to get some work published for your reading pleasure. Now off to work, to pay the bills, for words are smoke tendrils and these hallucinations have yet to manifest into a mortgage payment.   Thank you all for […]