Crooks & Niches

We settled into our crooks and niches, comfortable spaces and told stories of the cold Winter, warmed out hands on brazen egos, stoked the fires of our self perception. We didn’t ever think that the cold, dark night that howled itself hoarse outside would want to come in.   It did. It wanted to open … Continue reading Crooks & Niches


You’re going to feel a little pressure. Tell me when you can feel it’s in. Popping through the skin, a mesmerizing drug-like information. That’s how all these wars begin.   The process used to be a little more organic, but now we use machines, I see you’re fighting down the panic. This planet’s rife with … Continue reading Post-Trans-Humanism

Street Lights and the Light Sleeper

Laying awake, I can feel her pulse as her heart beats. I can't sleep, but I'm at peace in the rhythms we breathe just for a little while, until I'm out of bed, on my feet, seeking the night.   Pull on my coat and I take one last look back, then I am devoured … Continue reading Street Lights and the Light Sleeper

Beyond Nightfall

I have known the dark, thoroughly, like an old lover from my youth, when torrid encounters left us breathless and abandoned in places seldom glimpsed by the lights of the curious.   We wore deep mystery, long, unfettered shadows, like haute couture, riven from a winding sheet. Leaving bereft the old ghosts; no more rattling … Continue reading Beyond Nightfall

The Shores of Las Vegas

I sit here, lost in vagaries, holding hope and whiskey straight. Daring fate, or confrontation to erase me.   From broken down buildings on stricken roadways, I had built a house of shame and I had wandered far from anyone who knew my name.   Junked out beggars became my vicars and the gutter my … Continue reading The Shores of Las Vegas

The Break Up

I waded through my faded expectations, gave enough to make a single word escape the lips so savoured in amazement, abated with each syllable unheard.   I was wrong to think that I could change you.   Fettered by exemptions I was promised by a new and unfamiliar paramour. Clinging to my manic introspections, given … Continue reading The Break Up

Who’s Laughing Now

I know you remember, You say you forget. The words of the devil, whispering regrets. You’ve come so far, so far, so close you have kept; pain and a memory is all you have left.   Who is it that took you down? Who is it that put you on the ground? Who would you … Continue reading Who’s Laughing Now

Four in the Morning

It is four in the morning and the spectre of yesterday has barely left us alone. Tomorrow is yet to come to be today, so we sit, in the dark on our own.   There are no arms of comfort to chase away fears, no covers; we've abandoned the bed. So we sit and we … Continue reading Four in the Morning

The Spiral of Good-Bye

I was wrong. It doesn't have to be this way. Move along, towards the never ending place I'll be gone and you'll be happier this way with a memory in the place of a tragedy.   We were young and time so quickly stole our charms things were done that were never meant to harm, … Continue reading The Spiral of Good-Bye

The Dead Part

The city never sleeps, but it nods; drifting in a waking dream state. Colored by blinking traffic lights, neon hues lend a sickly pallor to the dream people who walk the streets.   Night is inhabited by the yellow cab, their drivers more vampire than man and I am thankful that a half-inch thick sheet … Continue reading The Dead Part

We Live The Night Life

Let there forever be wonder in the night. Let us never cower from the dread of dark hands that clutch our hearts and minds and draw our bravery from us; for even in our terror we are intrepid.   We have inhabited the dark, the void of space, the immensity of Earth's deepest places. We … Continue reading We Live The Night Life

Broken Angel’s Wings

I didn't know I'd be the last love you'd trust, I didn't know that after me you'd just give up. I wish you'd told me that the pain was just too much, I could have helped you feel the kind of touch that you always had for me when I would run, home to you, … Continue reading Broken Angel’s Wings

Night Terrors

The footsteps that wake you in the night, when you look, there is nothing there. When you finally reason away your fright and fall asleep, I will be standing there.   As you sleep, I'll whisper in your ear, making sure that every word is clear. I make the dreams, the very ones you fear. … Continue reading Night Terrors

It’s Funny When We Fall

Hasten the fall, running to the edge and over. Breaking the walls, hitting them so much more, that they come down. Overcome. Laying down. This strangled reply is the best I could find. Maybe making all this happen was a joke? I hear laughing; Oh, so close. In my bones. It must be coming out … Continue reading It’s Funny When We Fall

From Dark Before

I was born when the universe was dark. I was shaped when the Earth was cold. I was born by the mother of the void and the father of singularity. Birthed in silence before the light was spoked in to existence; I witnessed the first dividing line.   I am the last of the everything. … Continue reading From Dark Before