The Actor

A few short moments ’til the curtain comes down to close the show on all our games. All means none once the lights go down, everything we’ve been is over. Doesn’t matter who you played, or how much for your part you were paid; strictly to the script you stayed, but now the show is over. The […]

The Player’s Part

We stand underwater. We see into love. Stay and we shall build a better us. Play out all our plans inside our heads. We play our parts out on the stage, like stars in some celestial drama. Each writes out their own acts in old game gold with age.   There’s trouble on the water, […]

Trapped Between Moments

The inability to move, paralysis of will. Trapped between moments in a busy world that has no time to stop and notice one silent, immobile drone. As if in living eulogy, to testify. “Yes!                 – I was once alive!” So statuesque, so perfect. Like an unuttered threat, or a scream of orgasm caught in […]

Adult Child

Little child unafraid. Knowing life is beautiful. Though the world is fraught with danger, still learns to read, seeks to feel. Knowing through, learning to , be more than what is.   Adult child learns what’s corrupted. Growing away from                 Hard pleasure                                 and fresh feeling, into all knowing ignorance. Adult child, so afraid. […]

Time of My Life

Can I close my eyes and feel the rain upon me? The heat of the sun lets me know I’m alive. The feeling of wind washing the world off me. The time of my life. So, time is falling away, they say, life’s short anyway; well worth the weight. Can I see in the morning […]

Shadow Town

It’s like the sun doesn’t come around here… anymore. All the people just fail to notice, so busy, yet so bored. But I can see plain as absence that what’s missing is your reason for it all. I’ve been waiting and wasting so much time away, that I don’t know if I’d notice any brightening […]

Little Room

Out of grace’s ills, slightly off the main drag, is the room where daylight drains away into the brilliance. On and out and away, no troubles exist there that I have seen. Its loving peace sustains, like anesthetic sleep. In my little room, with little things that shape my memories. Hope and despair are irrelevant. […]

A War

A war,  a place, a human race; a joyous old tradition. A hate, a war, men killed in scores; the cultural partition. Choices soon will all determine, Earth inherit, man or vermin.   HG – 08/23/96

Dreaming Insomniac

My breathing diminishes slowing my heart, only as much as to simulate sleep. This is the rest I receive. A sort of pseudo sleep, a feigned unconsciousness. As the body lies in stasis, like purgatory.   Awaiting sleep, or rousing movement, the mind is wandering subconscious pathways. Through childhood games and avenues of angst and […]

A Bird

A bird lies motionless before me. I see it with flawless child’s eyes, free from fear, or judgement. How that bird must have flown in its life; rising on currents of air, feasting on insects, flying from larger birds, shitting on cars. Always with the knowledge, -that innate animal instinct- that one day it will […]

Mine is a Simple Love

I’ve been a part of her, She’s been a part of me. We’ve mingles tissues, we’ve mingled tears and we’ve dipped into the sea. Slow she’s going to be, to trust her fragile heart to me; the creature I am is a killer, I hear. So, I’ll love her for her simple inner beauty. I […]

Different Days

Here in the silent morning the angel’s trumpets don’t ring. None announce the arrival of a change in the winds. A change in the season. Days, blend until they’re all the same and yesterday is already tomorrow. Waking in this world is such a chore, for the angels don’t proclaim the morning. Only the birds […]


The other day, a ruined man found solace in the hushed whisper of an autumn forest. Concerns of the flesh seem so trivial and far away in the instants in between moments.   A small girl opened up a book and soaked into the pages her whole self, until the book was full of her. […]

Sad Smile

Each dawn brings new light, new life. Insight sighs and resolutions fine. How it cleans her naked form, bed of sheets no longer warm, just food for the worms in time. Sun creeps into her eyes, she can see herself in dawn’s light; remembers dreaming of something more, not an hour before. She greets the […]

Pieces of An Old Memory

I, might have been wrong, you see, yesterday’s still with me. Old, broken sad songs, sung by the light in the street.   Come back to me all you memories let go I don’t need to try, I remember you anyway. Some things they die and others they grow, but love like this, it stays […]


Come to me stained and selfless, clothed in mystery, needing something from me.   Hold me like a hole in your hands, ’cause I’m just excusing away. Safe living in what I am, but I know I can’t stay.   Could you love me past change? In my own disgraceful way, makes you no less […]

Every Little Thing

Hopefully, you’ll never concede yourself again, deceive yourself again, trade away your friends. Pure calm comfort for another one night stand, like I know you can.   Lessons learned just like a teacher taught today, takes my friend away, like a song unplayed. Will acts never reflect what we say? Colors turned to grey.   […]


Bleak outlook. So sweet of you to notice. How about a new woman? No, too expensive. Might as well walk, it’s only -40°c perfect walking weather. Want some vibes? Only $5.99 a dozen, in all colors. Sorry, we’re out of flowers. Come back next week when the fire’s out, I’m sure there’ll be lots of […]

Bad Angel!

Spike the cold caffeine, overdose with really bad angels on dried up nicotine, slowly freezing moments for later recreation. Slide me another minute, Time addictions hurt the most. So does being in it, when it turns to dust and takes you with it. Think thoughts bigger than you could ever want to think to be. […]


I cast a glance about the room, it was empty, an avid void, as if the very dust had deemed it uninhabitable. The city was likewise bare as silent as a mortuary, yet beautiful and violent, like the head on collision of two flower trucks. I railed against such immaculate devastation, if the city heard, […]