Fly on the Wall

  I need something beautiful. The pain in my head just won’t go away. I’m waiting for the drugs to kick in, but they don’t want to come out and play.   Woke up this morning and took up my war with the sky. Didn’t win anything, but I didn’t die. So, I guess we’ll […]

A Venture

   We are now awake, unsure if we will ever sleep again. Inhabiting this foreign hour, unexposed and remain depleted. We didn’t know the world even existed outside of our common timeline.    This is an intrusion, and we are the intruders. seeing real light, the universe, before we touch it. Washing it out with […]

Acrimony and Sacred Places

  Bitter is the way we’ve become, but what else could we be? We held all the answers in our hands, walked the path of Truth with our feet, reached up and brought down stars to light the darkness of our ignorance with our bare hands.   I’m not sure when we lost our innocence. […]

Shape and Shadow

  I can barely see. Something is covering my eyes. Everything is dim light, shape and shadow. I have no sense of space, but I can feel that I am moving. Anxious, but I fear nothing. No concept of an enemy.   No idea of myself, as I have never really seen me. Balance of […]

Describing the Abyss

  The words that made the most sense an hour ago, now don’t seem to say anything at all. It’s like, trying to express the intangible, or maybe describe the void.   Trouble doesn’t find me anymore, not like it used to. I’ve made a point, learned to avoid the snakes and pitfalls. Now, I’ve […]


   What’s in you? What do you know? Reaching out, trying to touch the smooth absence of you. . Seeing nothing, feeling nothing, and panicking.     This is where the meaning of the world was supposed to be.   All I see are robot written lines, zeros and ones, echoes of a vague destruction. […]


  Thing that was part of me, now so dead and ugly. Self-care and self-abuse, these are sacred tenets.   Chased all my friends away. Let my accusers to victory. Jumped into the fray and hoped I would take them all with me.   I acted alone. I gave away my sorrows. I make a […]


  Mend away your smile. So hard to see in this new spectrum. The light doesn’t play the same way it did before you were reckoned.   Breathe deep and let go. Just enjoy the feeling of feeling free for the first time in your life.   I like to think, this is how fledglings […]


  There came a time I stopped searching for the perfect thing. Rather than be trapped by an idea in my head, find an analog in the present.   It might be a thousand years since I first thought of it, but here we are, now, after all this time and I’m still pining away. […]

My Perfect Enemy

  Putting down your pretty avarice, if only for a moment. Asking you your real name. Wincing, when you reveal yourself. Not my friend, but my perfect enemy.   I will bleed for you. I will lay down everything. Give my life in your redemption. Take on every kind of pain.   You know me […]

Boring One

  Long gone the love again. Never was once placated. Hunger for immutable comfort and grace eternal.   What it was was never what it was. Sold to you to be and you bought it, blissfully. When you learned that contempt wouldn’t feed you, you turned you eyes outside for the first time.   Never […]

Dirt Track Landing

  It’s tough to see with a clear eye. These tears fall and freeze in winter time. No looking back, even if I did, I wouldn’t see the summer time.   Made my choice. Picked a direction and rode that vector in. Called it home, where one life ends and another begins.   I pushed […]

More Than Memory

  There’s something about us that lingers, that’s more than memory. Not the world we manipulate, but our energy.   Songs that change the words, when we’re here and when we’re gone. Presence even changes our desire for oxygen.   So much more than just our cells. So much more than books on shelves. Our […]


  Passengers all along. Never even reaching for the wheel. The subtle nod to our aggressors, signals our acquiescence to their will.   Passive, in a faulty vision. Soul derided for a moment. Lost forever to the corners and the bleak alleyways.   Every touch a violation. Every word a spiteful curse. Seemingly from out […]

Make It

  Always trying to make it make sense, make light, make a point. Make it hold some kind of order, structure, skeletal. Tying with wire, building with stones, only to have it all come down.   We wonder how we can make it. Our eyes see the world, skin feels the touch, mind thinks the […]

Chasing Memories Out

  Confronting the lurking fear, the heart quickens, muscles tense. The dark corner, never before approached, but growing only darker.   Born pristine, white light suffused an open space. No corner, no crease, no imperfection, for a crumb of corruption to take hold.   And then, the first time reality is shattered, creates a fracture […]

A Life in Full

  Bring me Death; that angel, fallen star, avenger of sin and God. Obliterator of want and pain, educator, of the vain living.   Bring me life; that shattered jar, spilling out bright countenance. Bring me joy and ample sun to shine upon my fleeting being.   There is no course of “come and go”, […]