The speech is revealing.

Every word,

a double entendre.

Not to be deceiving.

I don’t think you’re aware

that with every breath

you are telling two stories.


you want to tell.

All those things

that make you so proud of yourself.

The other,

the one you need to tell.

The secret part of yourself

that you’ve held on to

for so long.

Your fear and insecurities,

to be sure.

Your sins,

and petty vindictiveness.

But also,

your joy and your hope.

Your most precious heart.

The echoes of your inner child.

Sometimes your eyes,

betray your lips.

Sometimes your body

makes a liar of your tongue.

We are all someone

different inside.

Only God knows,

and that’s alright.

But there’s no real reason to hide.

We’re only here

for a little while.

You might as well

tell your story

while you’re alive

to live it.



DJR – 2023

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