Coming Down


Break through the clouds,

like a shaft of light

coming down.

We all reach a place,

up high,

where our engines fail.

It’s okay

to try to touch the stars.

There was always

something airborne

in your heart,

but everything that gets high

must return to earth


There’s no such thing

as a graceful landing

for those of us

who come in hot.

Meteoric rise,

cataclysmic fall.

Some of us live

to make an impact.

I see you now,

deciding where

you’re going to crater out.

You know,

every time you touch down

doesn’t have to be


The trick is

to come down,

and walk away.


you might hit hard,

and tumble down,

but that’s okay.

Falling stars

don’t always reach the ground,

but you’re going to make it.



DJR – 2023

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