Birth, Death, and Creation



Ad space.

Nothing cuts through

the inspiration vein

faster than a dollar bill.

Nothing impinges upon the will

quite like

an appeal to the ego.

Fortune and power

have swayed men’s minds

since long before I lost mine.

Such is the consequence

of dreaming free.

The intangible builds the palace,

but the stones make it real.

The hands that stack each brick

must be fed,

and someone must till the ground,

mill the flour,

bake the bread.

The dream may be



but each one is


It’s as if the mind

draws things from another world

and then finds ways

to create an analog in this one.

When our day is done

will we see

birth, death, and creation?

Rubber meets the road.

Cities get built.

Bombs explode.

All because we dreamed

of something that did not exist

in this world,

and made it so.

The most artificial,

is organic

in how it grows

from the imagination

of our minds,

to our hands,

to a kind of genesis.

All of this

is a part of our existence.

This world and the next.



and creation.



DJR – 2023

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