Work of Art


Work of art,

weather the storm.


by what you consist of.

Tested mettle

in the gale.

Worn away

in vulnerable places.

Stained face,

but still resilient

in the fog of war.

Survive the bombs,

by chance,

or divine hand.

Still bear the marks

of fire,

and the uprisings.

You have watched

kingdoms rise and fall,

but kept true

to the spirit

of whom created you.




the terminal state of the flesh,

but never so adorned,

always wrapped

in an oxidized skin.

Few, if any

remember how you looked

when you were new.



to our stubbornness.


in all its vulgarity,

eschews the hourglass.

Will you be toppled by children,

who knock down their toy towers

to express

their impotent rage?

Or will you pass

from age to age,

until your meaning

becomes mystery again?

Who’s to say?

Let the days pass by.

You will always

be a magnet to the eye,

and a lodestone

for the soul,

drawing our hearts towards

a work of art.



DJR – 2023

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