Within Curtains


Sit in sanctuary.

Holy of holies.

Safety surrounding,

limiting exposure.

You pull curtains,

in curtains,

to cover your fear.

Shame is a prison.

The past, a jailer.

Hopeless when

you’ve cut off

the outside.

Replacing sins

always leaves

one more

left to hide.


and all its friends

still come around.

Only thing is,

you can’t escape

them now.

Close the outside.

Close the inside.

Close your eyes

and cry.

No one can see you,

but you can’t

seem to hide.

The fortress

you think

you have built

around yourself

is an illusion.

It’s just curtains,

within curtains,

easily parted.

Come out.

There is nothing

out here

any worse

than what’s in there.

Open up.

Be free.

You’ll find

new life

out here.

No more curtains,

within curtains

to hide your fear.

Come out.



DJR – 2023

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