Welcome the Frost


A lot of things come with the frost.

Slow starts.

Gas bills.

The chance of snow.

Here, there is but grudging acceptance

for the world

going green,

then gold,

then grey,

then white.

For many,

winter is a prison.

Daylight savings time

gives one hour of fitful sleep,

on a cold, Sunday morning,

then steals the sun

for six long months.

Almost a form of psychological torture.

But I remember as a child

the short sunlight days

that never once abated

a game of hockey

on the neighborhood rink,

or sledding down the big hill

by the church,

or the seemingly endless visits

with friends and family

that only intensified

as winter wore on,

before reaching their crescendo

between Christmas and New Year’s.







The stresses of this age

to don’t belong

to that little child

who knew nothing

of these things

and did nothing to earn them.

The furnace kicks in.

I start the truck remotely from indoors.

There is a decent job to do

and more responsibility at home

every day.

The frost comes,

reminding us of our vulnerability.

Thin skinned limitations

we were able to ignore

through the summer months.

There will be hardships,

to be sure,

but that long-gone, winter child

is still able

to welcome the frost.



DJR – 2023

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