Death and Madness



places her hand on my arm.

Says, “don’t run away on me.”

Taking a moment

just to breathe

can save a life.

Listen to the winter wind.

Hear the crackling fire.

Know that there’s no way to go

that doesn’t end in

death and madness.

In the darkness of my mind,

she holds me close.


“I will never, ever let you go.”

And I know

that I am home.

A man gets used to wandering,

hunting for glory and desire,

craving knowledge and experience

in a world that sets his soul alight.

Sometimes seeking

becomes and end unto itself.

A hunger that cannot be filled.

In his haste

to try to fill a void,

he succumbs

to death and madness.

I feel her by my side,

in my heart,

and in my mind.

Patience speaks to me

with a soft voice.

Says, “You don’t have to chase

the whole world.”

And I’m okay

for the first time

in a long time.

Maybe even,

the first time

in my life.

I feed the fire

that keeps the winter at bay,

and she keeps me

here, in this moment.

The snow blows around outside,

and I am not afraid.

The cold can’t touch my soul

here in the arms

of Patience.

She sings me a song

as I drift off to sleep,

unafraid of dreams

of death and madness.



DJR – 2023

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