Turn Notifications On?


Such a maudlin tone.

Dull ring,

like a bell

through dense fog.


trying to suppress

another dismal salutation.

It’s never anything good.

The days of Grandma

putting a birthday check in the mail

have been replaced

with electronic billing,

crypto scams,

and requests for money

from talentless,

two-bit hacks,

posing as a “Journalists”

on Substack.

We used to buy ringtones.


every sound the device emits

is a death knell.

Every phone call,

bad news,

and the dopamine hits

that used to drip

from social media feeds,

just lead to another bad trip,

like long gone

brown acid weekends.

What used to elate us,

now dulls our edge.

A long suck

on the big-tech fentanyl lollipop

nods us off into complacency.

Ungracious memes

with no segue,

edge into masturbatory,


which satisfies no one.

The creative vein

gets spiked,

then cut,

and commoditized,

until the rainbow bleeds out

onto the ground,

promulgating into that dull,


into which all colors

eventually decompose.

Every hit

used to wake us up,

but now, we’re numb.

Salivating slaves

waking to some

lucid, Pavlovian nightmare.


but uncaring

that we are being programmed

by every click,

every bell.

“Never gonna give you up….”



DJR – 2023

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