kills what scares us

in our dreams.


never far from fingertips,

always a weapon

at hand.

Unrequited love

is just a measure

of missing respect.

Existence only counts

when there is

some shiny surface

to reflect.


seek to steal

your life.


feeding on

your time.

We get drawn in

by bright lights

and fancy things.

A pretty smile

and glowing skin.

We never see the teeth

until they’ve sunk them in.

More than one way

to skin the prey,

or start a war.

More than one face

on the head of the horror.

Turn their guns on you

the moment you decide

to step right.

Curiosity kills

everything outside the lines.

Hushed conversations

in the hall.

Burn the servers,

erase all

the secret words

spoken by forked tongues.

It’s about time we were done



feasting on our souls.


fighting for control.

All that’s left of us

are a few

curious drones,

stepping outside the safe zone,

hoping to see the show.



DJR – 2023

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