Beautiful Human


Trapped In tragedy.

I hear your tears

falling like summer rain

on a sunny day.

A waterfall.


so full of sincerity

and suffering.

Who knew

that this would be

existence to you?



and confused.

Even with a million

tears to cry,

hope is still alive

behind your eyes,

beautiful human.

No matter where you go,

from pole to pole,

you will find another

living soul.

From the highest peaks,

to the darkest deep,

there’s no end

to how far you’ll go

to seek.

Even other places,

far in space.

Such is a wonder

to embrace.

Where will you go next,

beautiful human?


in war and death.

Savoring your every breath.

Writing songs,

and sculpting art,

just to blow it all apart.

A contradiction

in your way,

but wonderous

in how you’re made.

A fine design

of style and grace.

A master’s hand at work

to shape

your destiny

and your short time.

Beginning to the end of life.

From birth to death

you are divine,

beautiful human.



DJR – 2023

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