Sunrise and Shine


Shake your head

and fight against the light.


even when I tell you

that it is morning.

October has stolen

our sunrise and shine,

and November

will steal our evenings.

Push back at me

as hard as you want.

I am not the rock

you weighted on.

I am something,

partly here,

partly gone.

When I’m around,

I’m strong,

but when I’m off,

I’m long gone.

Look back at the past

and I remember

long and loving mornings.

These days

we’ve seen them

cut and dried.

I’m an early riser,

bred to feed the feeling

of something in my hands

before the world wakes.

You have always been

 slow to awaken,

as if each day

were the birth

of some new miracle.

Seldom do our days

begin at the same time,

in the same way.

But when they do,

we’re arms entwined

and bodies warm.

A calm harbor

in the storm.

Today though,

you fight me

and the darkness,

as I kiss you


one more time.



DJR – 2023

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