On Justice



there is justice.

Divine balance

carved deep

into the very foundations

of the universe.

Every cause has an effect,

and in our heliocentric logic

we see things in terms

of circles,

and cycles,

and seasons

that repeat themselves endlessly.

Are we

part of the great equation?

Do we

tip the balance of the scale?

One’s first reaction

might be

to scoff at such an idea.

After all,

an anthropomorphic universe

cannot exist.

Can it?

We reap what we sow.

The mind conceives thought,

which in turn create chemicals

that tell the body to move

deep into the mountains.

Not just one,

but many,

and dig into the rock

to extract ore,

smelt it down,

to make iron,

and usher mankind into the new age.

Cause and effect.

Nothing happens in a vacuum.

If this is the case,

then is it so hard to think

that we create

our own reality here?

Can we find Heaven

through Faith,

and humility,


and good works?

Can we find Hell

through violence,



and selfishness?

Can avarice

and narcissism

trap us in a circumstance

that is pure torment?

I think so.

Everyone gets everything they want,

and nothing comes without a cost.

These are the basic instructions

that were written

into the source code

of our existence.

Reality can be bartered with.

God can be wrestled with.

The devil can be dealt with,

but nothing comes for free.


that is,

except Salvation.

But so many of us

are already so invested

in some other deal,

that we often don’t back out

and take the offer.

At what cost?

Does justice exist?

You bet it does.

There is a writ upon each of us,

and the Man

will come to collect.



DJR – 2023

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