The Grey Range Podcast Ep04 w/ Kenton Osterlund – “A Hunting Story”

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Kenton Osterlund is not only a good friend, he’s an aspiring hunter, who has struck out on his own to learn the craft of harvesting big game up here in Northern Alberta.

On this episode of The Grey Range Podcast, Kenton joins my Officially-Unofficial co-host, Lucas Orich and I and regales us with the tale of how he recently took his first bull elk… with a little help. A classic hunting story.

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You can find Lucas Orich on IG as @lucasorich, or behind the gun counter at Barton’s Big Country in Grande Prairie, Alberta. He is also Training Director for Barton’s Back Alley Range, offering firearms courses and safety training.

Kenton Osterlund is on IG @kentonandrew17. Here’s to many more safe and successful hunts.

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