A memory,

finely kept.

Mortuary slab,

or lover’s bed

gone cold.

The path ahead,

or what lays

behind us

on the road.

What do we fear more?

Past or present pain?

A future crash

while we feel

we’ve got something

more to gain.

Take a chance

that we might end up


Already lost our minds,

does that make us


How are we supposed to go

when no one knows the way?


a seething beast,

and forward

the grinning countenance

of the grave.

What do we fear more?

Tomorrow, or yesterday?

Love escapes us,

but the memory remains.

Wealth elevates us,

but it can’t come

when we depart this place.

Few things transcend time,

a smile,

a laugh,

and friends

that shares our mind.

Neither way

holds sway

when we are with our kind.

Feel like the past recedes,

while the future

may be blind,

facing it together

feels like we might survive.

No need

for us to fear time.

Light a fire

right now

and gather all around.

The hour is winding down.



DJR – 2023

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