Reckless Bravery


Long way away

from those skateboard days.

Broken bones never fazed.

We just went anyway.

The concrete unyielding,

but we didn’t care.

Pain was the price we paid

for some sick air.

Man, we could use

some of that reckless courage

at this age.

We build up so many walls,

we grow afraid of what lays beyond.

War and peace are all the same.

Temporary moments in the day.

Those rattle can

spray paint phrases.

Images that captured our distain,

in hot pink, day-glow paint.

Not because we sought to claim the space,

but we felt that our message

was the defiance of our name.

Quick sharpie sigil,

or a masterpiece on the rail.

Shorthand for the young and dumb,

too numb to feel,

too brave to fail.

We could use a little

of that irreverence today.

A little “don’t-give-a-fuck”

in the right time,

the right place.

Too many are afraid to say

the things they’re really thinking

on any given day.

Too many want to be led around

and told what to believe,

but some of us

have always had

our own way to be.

We could use a little more of this today.

In the right time,

the right way.

We were braver then

than we are now,

almost like we’ve forgotten how

to live

our own way.



DJR – 2023

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