Cold Tile Floor


Cold tile floor.

What better place

to seek angels.

Demons come and go.

I can hear their voices

echo off the polished, white stone.

I wish I had known

that what it is

is only what it is

and not all these dreams

I’ve been sold.

The judges don’t acquit

and Hell is just

a few short feet below.

I can feel it on my skin,

the sweat

of yesterday’s sin.

There’s a window

where the sun comes in

and I wonder

where the darkness ends

and light begins.

Think about picking myself up,

but my muscles ache,

and my bones protest.

Been down here too long.

If I could borrow some wings,

maybe then,

I’d think about moving on.

But here,

is where lies end

and truth is king.

These cold tiles

show everything.

I’m a fool

in a circus’ center ring,

just waiting for the crowds

to bring

down the house.

Never been much.

Never been enough.

Hell is in the basement,

Heaven’s a few floors up,

and I’m stuck

here, on the floor.

Not sure I want to be here


Gonna have to sit,


and stand,

if I’m gonna walk out that door.

It’s gonna take some effort,

but I think

it will be worth it.



Here we go…



DJR – 2023

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