Mental Health Monday – 09.25.23


Monday is here.

Work. Kids. Family. Coworkers. The commute. Bills. School. Relationships. Debt. Anxiety. Appointments.

Yeah. It’s  all there.

Sure, you had a precious 2 days off to recoup from the week before, but how many of us utilized every second of that 48 hours to make our lives better? How many of us can say they crossed everything off the “To do” list that they had planned? How many of us woke up this morning, ready, energized, and hungry for the challenges that we knew were waiting when the alarm went off this morning?

We have a choice every day when the alarm goes off. Lately, I have been taking a few minutes right when I wake up to meditate quietly on the day and how I want it to go. I think about how I feel and how I would like to feel. I think about the tasks and challenges I have ahead that day and how I want to accomplish them. I think about my mood and my emotions and how I want to think and feel, and I try to set it in my mind the kind of day I would like to have.

Sometimes, it is a prayer, where I give thanks for the day and ask for guidance. Sometimes, it is just a quick run-through of what’s going to happen. I have found that this kind of intentionality and visualization helps me manage anxiety, lowers stress, and males me feel more like I’m the one driving my life, rather than being driven by circumstance.

Do you do something to help visualize your day? Do you have things you do first thing in the morning to give yourself an edge?

Let me know in the comments.

Have a great week.

Be safe.
Be well.
Be Blessed.

Much love!


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